Information Technology

History of the IT Division

In 2000 the City Administration recognized the impact of technology on operations and formed the Management and Information Systems Division (MIS).  Although the concept of centralized management of  technology was established in 1996, the creation of the MIS Division clearly defined a formal role for technology.  The term MIS, at the time, was applicable since the city was still establishing a technology footprint.  Technology evolves - Times change – Business processes improve.

During the past eleven years the city’s focus and dedication to  the management of data processing systems has significantly advanced.  It now includes areas such as Communication Systems and full service Technical Support Operations.  The multi-faceted approach to data processing includes the convergence of voice, video and data.  Electronic data is not used just for the typical decision making and data processing model found in early MIS philosophies.  Data is now used for knowledge based sharing and cross utilization of resources. Information that was once contained in a single system now uses multiple technologies to traverse all city operations.  The business demand for change created the new Information Technology Division in January of 2006.

Mission Statement

  • Initiate, Promote, Produce, and Support technology initiatives throughout all City Department / Divisions while closely maximizing Return On Investment and minimizing Total Cost of Ownership.   
  • Properly implement and support information technology structures to directly increase productivity, high availability of electronic data, improved use of shared resources, standardization of hardware and software, and increased data security.
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Information Technology Division
Areas of Focus

Communication Systems: 

  • Telephone system administration
  • Cellular service
  • Radio Network(s)
  • Access 2 Station Management (local government television station)
  • 1620 AM Radio
  • Municipal Siren System
  • Internet, intranet and web sites
  • Electronic Mail
  • Outdoor Wireless Wide Area Network (WWAN) 

Technical Services: 

  • Network engineering
  • System and security administration
  • Disaster recovery and data protection services
  • Intrusion detection
  • Server and workstation management
  • Local Area Network (LAN) administration
  • Wide Area Network (WAN) administration
  • SupportCenterOperations
  • End-user training and support
  • Application support
  • Custom programming and database administration
  • Inventory and procurement
  • Contract and license  agreement management
  • Expert technical consulting to all city operations 

Project Management: 

  • Formal Project Management (PMBOK)
  • Technical Projects
  • Non-Technical Projects

Supervise citywide data processing operations and staff involved therein, and act as technical consultant and advisor to users of data processing services.

 Serve as liaison between the municipality and the New Jersey State Office of Information Technology.

 Prepare and update technology goals and objectives for the municipality; oversee and evaluate progress towards attainment of goals and objectives.

 Conduct feasibility studies requiring detailed analysis of existing functions and preparation of cost estimates to determine advisability of adopting data processing programs.

 Appraise adequacy and efficiency of current data processing systems and assist in developing the organizational structure and methods required for the existing, new, and/or expanded functions, analyze operational problems, and develop courses of action for more efficient utilization of staff and equipment.

Prioritize technology initiatives based on organizational needs by utilizing a uniform approach and methodology, while implementing and addressing cross utilization of applications.

 Maximize technology investment by lowering the total cost of data processing ownership and increasing the return on investment by increasing productivity while ensuring proper data management and security.

Provide technical planning and guidance for citywide computer operation consolidation, application conversion, computer upgrades/replacement, and operating system changes.

Prepare specifications for data processing equipment, services, application development or special studies, and evaluate vendor/business partner responses.

Periodically monitor technical progress of outside consultants in accordance with contractual intentions.

Serve as technical consultant to all city Departments / Divisions in all software areas such as languages, file organization and accessing techniques, utilities, internet based functions, operating systems, teleprocessing routines and program system design.

Develop and assist in the implementation and maintenance and periodically audit data processing standards and procedures in such areas as hardware and software operation, production and control and scheduling, application development and maintenance, financial billing and budgeting administration, and data and physical facility security and financial protection.

Oversee all citywide computer systems administration and support.

Maintain citywide data processing equipment (hardware and software) inventory by establishing appropriate purchasing policies and guidelines.

Maintain citywide computer equipment repair operation center and end user help desk.

Establish and maintain the city’s technology plan.

Create and maintain computer acquisition policy, systems acquisition, computer hardware acquisitions, computer supplies, procurement procedures, and software purchase control.

Implement microcomputer operations policy and security policy.

Provide end-user technical support, software support, network microcomputer support, and maintenance contracting.

Develop and institute hardware, software and database security policy and auditing.

Maintain and administer the city’s Radio Network (OCRN).

FCC License compliance management.

Radio System interoperability consultation

Establish and maintain appropriate Internet and email usage policies.   

Determine hardware, software and network standards for all city operations.

Administer citywide telephone systems and related activities (local, long distance, cellular and data)

Maintain appropriate records and files.


Max Hurst  |  IT Director | City of Ocean City
861 Asbury Avenue, Ocean City NJ 08226
(609-399-6111 x9440 | 609-399-3779 |

Jeff Miletta  |  Network Engineer | City of Ocean City
115 E 12th Street, Ocean City NJ 08226
(609-399-6111 x9442 | 609-399-3779 |

Jerry McGee  | Technical Support  | City of Ocean City
115 E 12th Street, Ocean City NJ 08226
(609-399-6111 x9443 | 609-399-3779 |

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