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Construction Code is responsible for issuing building, plumbing, mechanical, electrical and fire protection permits, as well as, inspecting permitted work for compliance. Construction code plays a critical role in providing safe and code compliant structures throughout the city.

Construction Office General Number (609) 525-9173 or
Construction Official – Neil Byrne (609) 399-6111 x9727 or

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115 12th Street
Ocean City, NJ
609-525-9179, 609-525-9174 or 609-525-9173

Construction Code team members:

Vince Bekier - Director

Neil Byrne - Construction Official

Mike Koochembere – Building Subcode Official

Harvey Lessig – Building Inspector

Stephen Doughten – Electrical Subcode Official

Jim Cotton – Plumbing Subcode Official/Asst. Construction Official

Jason Dilworth – Fire Subcode Official

Michael Sokalsky – Fire Inspector

Sheree Benoit – Technical Asst. to Construction Official

Terri Ney – Technical Asst. to Construction Official

Amber Oser - Clerk

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Construction Code FAQs
Save $2000! Read This!

A phone call or email could save you $2000.  That’s right just a phone call or an email.  Prior to beginning a “simple” home improvement project, a phone call to the Construction Code Office can save you a penalty for performing work without a permit.

Penalties for working without permits are mandatory under the NJ Uniform Construction Code and can be assessed for up to $2000.

How do you get caught?  Typically work done without permits comes up during a home inspection or a disclosure prior to a property transaction.  The Code Office may also receive a phone call from your neighbor.

Some projects that absolutely do not need a permit are listed below:

  • Painting

  • Residential floor covering

  • Replacing a light fixture without installing new wiring.

  • Replacing a plumbing fixture without installing new piping.

Some projects that absolutely require a permit:

  • Decks 

  • Replacing railings

  • Kitchen alterations

  • Bathroom alterations

  • Water heaters

So save yourself a costly penalty and probability of removing the work for inspections and contact us first.

Our office hours are Monday – Friday 8 am – 4:30 pm

City of Ocean City Construction Code Enforcement


How do I obtain a Construction Permit Application?

You can download the forms here (above), pick up the forms in person, or call us and we can mail you the forms.

How do I know how much a permit cost?

Permit fees calculated based on the Municipal Fee Ordinance once the permit has been reviewed and approved.  Permit fees vary depending on the type of work you’ll be performing.  Permit fees are paid by check to City of Ocean City or with VISA, MasterCard or Discover cards.

How do I know what hours inspections are made?

Fire, electric and plumbing inspections are made daily from 8am until 3pm.  Building inspections are done daily 9am to 4pm

How and when do I schedule an Inspection?

Call the Construction Code Office a minimum of two days ahead of the day you’d like the inspection.  Be sure to have your construction permit number ready when you call.  Inspections will be performed within 3 business days of when it was requested.

How do I know if I need a permit to replace railings, replace a roof, or install siding?

Yes, a permit is required.

  • Replacement windows or doors?  No permit is required for replacement windows or doors as long as the new windows or doors are exact replacements.  If the window or door opening size or window type (double hung, casement, etc.) is changed, a permit is required.
  • Install a storage shed?  A construction permit is not required for a storage shed unless it is 100 square feet or more in size. 
  • Permit for a fence?  If the fence is not used as a pool enclosure, and is not over 6 feet tall, then no construction permit is required.  If the fence is used as a pool enclosure or if it will be over 6 feet tall, then a construction permit is required.
  • Interior work?  A permit may be required for interior work.  There are several variables that help determine if it is needed.  It is best to contact the Construction Code Office with details of your proposed work.
  • Replace roofing or siding? No permit is required for 1- or 2-family dwellings (unless you are installing polypropylene siding, in which case a permit is required). All other building types require a permit.
Am I required to use an Ocean City contractor to perform my work?

No, you can choose a contractor from anywhere as long as he/she is properly licensed.

How do I know if I can take the permit out and do the work myself?

Yes, if you own a single family dwelling and it is owner-occupied.  Otherwise, call the office so we can determine if you’re allowed to do the work as an owner.

How do I know what building, electric, plumbing and fire codes do you enforce?

The codes that are currently adopted by the State of New Jersey.

How do I contact the Code Construction office?

115 12th Street
Ocean City, NJ
609-525-9179, 609-525-9174 or 609-525-9173

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