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Night in Venice

Save the date for next year...July 26, 2025

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2024 Night In Venice Results Announced

(Awards can be picked up at City Hall, 861 Asbury Avenue, beginning at 1:00 P.M. Sunday, July 21st)

Night in Venice Video Recap, Courtesy of City of Ocean City:


Boat Number, Name of the Boat, Family’s Name and Theme 


Best in show 25’ and overà #223, GI Joe, Tortis, Life Gives You Limes, Make Margaritas

Best in show 24’ and under à #244, That’s What Sea Said, Young & Beiswinger Families, It’s 5 O’Clock in Ocean City

Best Commercial à #227, PHANTOM, Sea Philly, Flamingo Fever, Sea Philly River Cruising Tours

Best Non-profità #213, Reel Addiction, Eachus, Protect Our Coast

Best Decorated 25’ and over 

1st Place: #257, Shanti, Toner Family, Parrot Head Beach Club

2nd Place: #249, Brook Sea III, Bob Brook, Jimmy Buffett

3rd Place: #233, Lady Lou, Rising Tide Charters, LLC, Cheese Burger in Paradise

Best Decorated 24’ and under 

1st Place: #274, Perfect Timing, Richard Ciabattoni, Farewell To Jimmy Buffett

2nd Place: #250, Heading West, Gillespie, Lost Shaker of Salt

3rd Place: #258, The Jemmer, Alex Manna, Cheeseburger in Paradise

Best Comic 25’ and over 

1st Place: #232, Reel Fun, Feel Fun Fishing, Margaretville


Best Comic 24’ and under 

1st Place: #275. The Grateful Fred, Fred Bornhardt, Cheeseburger in Paradise

2nd Place: #278, Unnamed, Charles Carleton, 5 O’Clock Somewhere

3rd Place: #220, At Last, Glen Marshall, Cheeseburger in Paradise

Best Musical 25’ and over 

1st Place: #269, Chief, Bob Lojewski, Buffet

Best Musical 24’ and under 

1st Place: #239, Dauntless 220, Peter Reed, Summertime

Most Original 25’ and over 

1st Place: #255, Eliza Gail, Daniel Higgins, “Cheesesteak” In Paradise

2nd Place: #242, Marabella, Roberto Marques, It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere

3rd Place: #229, Andiamo, Eric Angstadt, F1 Ocean City Grand Prix


Most Original 24’ and under 

1st Place: #247, Three Captains, Womer Family, Cheeseburger in Ocean City

2nd Place: #245, Rockin N Reeling, Chris Leo, Margaritaville

3rd Place: #219, Reel Nauti, Philip Maceno, Nor’Easter Nick Looks For His Lost Shaker of Salt



#, Last Name, Theme

Zone 1: 

1st Place: #65, Hornyak, Barbie’s OC Beach Blast

2nd Place: #141, Yurgin, Margaritaville

3rd Place: #145, Desrosiers, Wasting Away in Ocean Cityville


Zone 2: 

1st Place: #92, Greene, Wasting Away Again in Oceancityville!

2nd Place: #133, Eni, It’s Always 5 O’Clock in Ocean City

3rd Place: #157, McMahon, Parrot Heads


Zone 3: 

1st Place: #158, Kelly, A Cheeseburger in Paradise on Christmas Island

2nd Place: #55, Kelly/Fitzpatrick, Squeeze Me Baby, one More Lime!

3rd Place: #134, Colsher, Last Cheeseburger in Paradise


Zone 4: 

1st Place: #31, Hernandez, Paradise On Pleasure

2nd Place: #19, Dimeglio, If Life Gives You Limes, Make Margaritas!

3rd Place:  #49, Walker/LoSasso, Parrot-dise on the Bay


Zone 5: 

1st Place: #79, Thornton, Hooked on NIV – A Tribute to OCMTC 65th Anniversary

2nd Place: #131, Rossiter, OCNJ is Where I’m A-Gonne Go When The Volcano Blows

3rd Place: #89, Weber, Birds of a Feather – Flock Together


Zone 6: 

1st Place: #81, Myers, Ocean City – Buffett Style

2nd Place: #104, Raganato, Reganatoville

3rd Place: #39, Chiumento, Wasting Away in Deadpoolville


Zone 7: 

1st Place: #112, Miller, Fins Up!

2nd Place: #99, Scanlons/Brandenberges, The Family Circus

3rd Place: #100, McCarraher/Prettyman, Bonjour Olympics 2024!


Zone 8: 

1st Place: #118, Dorney, It’s 5 O’Clock Somehwere

2nd Place: #122, Boyle, We Love Jimmy Buffett

3rd Place: #114, Hurly, Cheeseburger in Jimmy’s Paradise


Zone 9: 

1st Place: #137, Maxwell, Chillin’ Like a Villian in OC

2nd Place: #136, Hoffman, Encanto in Paradise

3rd Place: #52, Marshall/Rombola, Lost Shaker of Salt


Zone 10: 

1st Place: #36, Conner, Olympics Summer Games 2024 in Paris

2nd Place: #50, Church, Cheeseburger in OC

3rd Place: #151, Caricich, Flamingos in Paradise


Zone 11: 

1st Place: #88, Ruh, Jimmy Buffett King of Mardi Gras

2nd Place: #140, Huber, Night in Nashville

3rd Place: #32, Weigel, Yes, I Am A Pirate!


Zone 12: 

1st Place: #84, Votta, This Ain’t Texas

2nd Place: #75, Hill, Margaritaville in OC!

3rd Place: #165, Seeburger, Seeburgers in Paradise


Zone 13: 

1st Place: #82, Rafetto, To OC We Go, When The Volcano Blows!

2nd Place: #38, Van Stone, Wastin’ Away in OceanCity-ville

3rd Place: #155, Coluzzi, It’s Vienna’s Golden Birthday Somewhere


Zone 14 (Condo/Commercial): 

1st Place: #42, Bay Club Condos, It’s Always 5 O’Clock At The Bay Club

2nd Place: #33, Harbor House, Wasted Away in HARBOR-Ritaville

3rd Place: #51, Bay Village, Flamingo Bay