Financial Management

The Finance department, under the direction of Chief Financial Officer, Frank Donato III, is responsible for all financial and reporting functions for the City of Ocean City as regulated by the State of New Jersey. These functions include:
Budget Controls
Operating & Capital Budgets
Debt and Treasury Management
Billing and collection of general revenues
Tax Billing and Collection
Property Assessment
Oversight of the Beach Fee, Municipal Airport, Parking lot / Parking meter, and Transportation Operations.
Payment of bills, claims and demands
Internal Controls
Providing guidance and support to Mayor, Council Members and Department Heads
City Budget
  •     2007 City Budget FILE
  •     2008 City Budget FILE
  •     2009 City Budget FILE
  •     2010 City Budget FILE
  •     2011 City Budget FILE
  •     2012 City Budget FILE
  •     2013 City Budget FILE
  •     2014 City Budget FILE
  •     2015 City Budget FILE
  •     2015 User-Friendly Municipal Budget FILE
  •     2016 City Budget FILE
  •     2016 User-Friendly Municipal Budget FILE
  •     2017 City Budget FILE
  •     2017 User-Friendly Municipal Budget: FILE
  •     2018 City Budget FILE
  •     2018 User-Friendly Municipal Budget: FILE
  •     2019 City Budget FILE

City Annual Financial Statements


City Annual Audits


Ocean City, NJ Community Development Block Grant Program Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report

Revenue Collection


Boat Ramp

Parking Regulation

Transportation Center

46th StreetPost Office

Tax Assessment

Tax Collection

Beach Fees

Contact the Finance Department
Christine D. Gundersen, MBA
  • Manager of Capital Planning
  • Municipal Housing Liaison
  • Capital Grants Coordinator
(609) 525-9360