Night In Venice



On July 11, 2015 the City of Ocean City hosted the annual Night In Venice Parade. A beautiful evening set the scene for a fun night full of decorated boats and themed parties. The scores have been tallied and attached you will find a full breakdown of the 2015 Night In Venice award winners. Please note the documents are saved in various formats to make it easier for you to access.

A new fan favorite contest asked folks to share their photos through social media, using the hashtag #OCNJNIV. The fan favorite winner is the Coluzzi Family #22. They will receive an Ocean City Gift Basket. 

House Results  Boat Results

All Night In Venice winners may pick up their prizes at the City Hall Welcome Center, ground floor, 9th & Asbury Ave. – Hours: Mon. – Sat. 9am – 7pm, Sun. 9am – 6pm.

2015 Night In Venice
House/Condo Winners
Zone 1
               1st Place: Hornyak – Gatsby’s Gala
               2nd Place: Mulhall – Under The Stars
               3rd Place: Carozza – Shall We Dance
               3rd Place: McGowan – We Live In A Zoo
Zone 2
1st Place: Gabriel – American Pharoah
2nd Place: Thompson – Racing Under The Stars
               3rd Place: Fainelli – Comic-Con OC 2015
               3rd Place: DuBois – Dancing With The Star Wars
Zone 3
1st Place: Kelly – Everyone is a Star
2nd Place: Knisell – 50’s
Zone 4
               1st Place: Kull – Party With A Hero
               2nd Place: Leach/Walker - Bay’varian Biergarten
Zone 5
               1st Place: Thornton – Under The Sea in OC
               2nd Place: Tomasello – Pirates in OC
               3rd Place: Quirk – It’s Not Just A Rainbow Anymore
               3rd Place: Schwarz/Del Guercio – Brokeopoly
Zone 6
               1st Place: Pawley – Big Baybies
               1st Place: Smith – Jaws 40th Anniversary
               2nd Place: Arena – Dancing Under Patriotic Stars
Zone 7
               1st Place: Miller – Starry Eyes
               2nd Place Severino – Anchored in OC
Zone 8
               1st Place: Markert/Finnegan – Dirty Dancing In OC
               2nd Place: Dorney/Hicke – Dance With Me Ballroom
Zone 9
               1st Place: Maxwell - Disney
               2nd Place: Hoffman – Rock Stars
Zone 10
               1st Place: Sutera – Pirates of Sunset Passage
               2nd Place: Church – Square Dancing Under The Stars
               3rd Place: Brand – Top Gun
Zone 11
               1st Place: O’Flynn – Dancing Under The Star Wars
               2nd Place: Edmiston – Edmistonia Tribe Pow Wow
               3rd Place: Pellegrino – It’s  A Lilly Day By The Bat
               3rd Place: Cordell – OC Rocks
Zone 12
               1st Place: Votta – Don’t Worry Be Happy
               2nd Place: Paul – Black Affair  5th Wedding Anniversary
Zone 13
               1st Place: Coluzzi – The Great Coluzzi
               2nd Place: Van Stone – Irish Eyes Are Smiling on OC
               2nd Place: Van Krieken – 100th Anniversary ‘Act to Create The Coast Guard’
Zone 14
               1st Place: Marina Mews – Dancing Under The OC Stars