The mission of the Department of Operations and Engineering is to oversee and to maintain the city’s critical infrastructure and to propose new and innovative solutions to unique barrier island challenges.
Ballezzi, Rachel - Operations and Engineering Assistant
Bekier, Vince - Operations and Engineering Director
Benoit, Sheree - Technical Asst. to Construction Official
Byrne, Neil - Construction Official
Cotton, Jim - Plumbing Subcode Official/Asst. Construction Official
Dilworth, Jay - Fire Subcode Official
Felker, Jaime - Zoning and Planning Board Secretary
Hanson, Will - Senior Engineering Aide
Hoffmann, William - Electrical Subcode Official
Jones, Ken - Zoning/Code Enforcement
Koochembere, Mike - Building Subcode Official
Lenhardt, Victoria
Lessig, Harvey - Building Inspector
Moyer, Charlotte - Public Works Office Supervisor
Ney, Terri - Technical Asst. to Construction Official
Rossbach, Michael - Public Works Manager
Savastano, Anthony - Engineering Manager

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