Roads and Drainage

Ocean City has more than 125 miles of roadway (93) and alleys (33) that need continuous maintenance. Maintenance consists of street-sweeping, pothole identification and repair,  hot asphalt repairs, as well as concrete gutter, curb and sidewalk repairs.

Drainage maintenance is critical to avoid flooding. Our teams are constantly inspecting and clearing drainage pipe using our drain truck. In addition, inlet covers are regularly cleared of debris to ensure maximum drainage flow. Outfalls on both the beach and the bay are inspected on a regular basis, guaranteeing proper performance during storm and tidal events. 

The combination of these two important functions helps keep our roads in good condition and preserve the quality of life that residents and guests expect from Ocean City.

Some functions include:

  • Maintain snow plow , salt trucks, spinner maintenance, snow plows Auger
  • Plow and salt roads
  • Repair concrete – sidewalks, curbs and pour new pads
  • Repair manholes
  • Repair and rebuild drain basins
  • Repair brick, block work and pavers
  • Assist contractors with city owned bayfront docks (placement & removal)
  • Repair outfall lines between houses on bayfront
  • Assist all other departments with heavy equipment when help is needed
  • Remove weeds and grass from pump station areas
  • Rescue turtle and baby ducks that fall into our drain basins
General Information
Phone Numbers
Emergencies: Dial 911
115 East 12th Street
Ocean City,

Monday - Friday
8:45am - 4:30pm