Ground Services

The city recognizes the importance of appearance standards on public property, in addition to maintaining safe accessible land for use by residents and guests. The subdivision accomplishes this by using highly trained and experienced landscape professionals. The team members use a combination of equipment and materials to properly cut, edge and clean all public grounds. Irrigation systems are regularly maintained and adjusted for optimal operation, in addition to the necessary applications of soil nutrients and treatments to attain a healthy appearance of grass, shrubs and trees citywide. The team members also ensure the safe use of playgrounds and playable athletic fields by incorporating similar equipment, maintenance processes and using all available industry training and resources to meet and exceed the expectations of residents and guests. In addition to these core responsibilities, the team also takes on landscape installation projects when needed to improve property appearance throughout the city.

The team also plays an important role in preparedness and recovery efforts related to major weather events.

General Information
Phone Numbers
Emergencies: Dial 911
115 East 12th Street
Ocean City,

Monday - Friday
8:45am - 4:30pm