The Bayside Center

Bayside Center 520 Bay Avenue

Ocean City NJ 08226

609-525-9244 (Seasonal Only)

The Bayside Center is an activities and education facility operated by the City of Ocean City that is dedicated to the environmental and cultural aspects of Ocean City’s bayfront along the Great Egg Harbor Bay. Located on the grounds of an historical home on the bay, the Bayside Center is a perfect location to learn about the South Jersey seashore environment through an array of exhibits, displays, and information or to simply enjoy the bay for its views, wildlife, or water recreation.

 The house was originally built on the 1.35 acre property around 1916 when owned by the Diesel family. In 1958, the Wheaton family purchased the house for use as a summer property. They owned the property until it was purchased by the County in 1995 through the New Jersey Open Space and Farmland Preservation Program. The name Bayside Center was given and the property had capital improvements including elevation for flood proofing, a new bulkhead, new railings, and painting of the exterior. The City of Ocean City holds a 25 year lease on the Bayside Center.

The property is open to visitors in the summer months from the last Saturday in June until Labor Day from 10:00 am until 4:00 pm.

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