Police Services


Ocean City Police Department’s Mission Statement:

The Ocean City Police Department and the men and women, both sworn and civilian that fill its ranks, are committed to the highest levels of professionalism in providing service to both residents and visitors alike to “Americas Greatest Family Resort”, Ocean City New Jersey.

We dedicate ourselves to ensuring the public’s safety and will strive toward enhancing the quality of community life for all members of our community through the discharge of our duties in a manner consistent with fairness and impartiality, while respecting the individual’s dignity, constitutional rights and human rights.

We recognize that team work is the cornerstone upon which our success as a law enforcement organization is built.  The foundation upon which that cornerstone is laid, is our partnership with the residents of the community we serve.

Immigrant Trust Directive - Attorney General Directive 2018-6:
“In accordance with AG Directive 2018-6, known as the Immigrant Trust Directive, officers will process victim certification for processing of a “U” or “T” Visa certification within 120 days of submission.”