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City Council

Regular meetings are typically held on the second and fourth Thursday of each month. See meeting calendar. Workshop meetings and special meetings may be scheduled as needed. Meetings are held in the Council Chambers on the third floor of City Hall (861 Asbury Avenue) unless otherwise noted. The meeting calendar postings will include agendas, agenda packets (supporting documentation), approved minutes, and meeting video, as they become available. The meeting calendar also will include sign-on credentials for any meeting that will be held remotely via public videoconference.

Rules for Citizen Participation in Council meetings

The City of Ocean City was incorporated March 25, 1897. Since July 1, 1978, the city has operated under the Mayor-Council form of government pursuant to the Faulkner Act, Chapter 69A of Title 40 of the New Jersey Statutes.

This form of government provides for election of a mayor and seven council members. Three council members may be elected at large and four are elected by wards; and serve four-year concurrent or staggered terms.

 The Council powers consist of: 
• Adopting Resolutions and Ordinances.
• Reviewing, revising and adopting the municipal budget.
• Authorizing the debt and borrowing of money for capital projects through bond ordinances.
• Levying taxes.
• Working with the mayor and administrative branch of the government in establishing and implementing municipal policy.

Pete Madden

Council President

Address: 944 Asbury Avenue, Unit B
Cell: 609-513-4781
Email: pmadden@ocnj.us

At Large

Representing all wards

Term: 2022 to 2026

Terry Crowley Jr.

Council Vice President

Address: 123 Bay Avenue
Cell: 609-374-4232
Email: tcrowley@ocnj.us

First Ward

Longport Bridge to north side of 4th Street

Term: 2021 to 2024

Tom Rotondi

Address: 407 Bay Avenue
Home: 609-780-5035
Email: trotondi@ocnj.us

Second Ward

South side of 4th St. to north side of 12th St.

Term: 2020 to 2024

Jody Levchuk

Address: 2 Bayonne Place
Cell: 609-385-2187
Email: jlevchuk@ocnj.us

Third Ward

South side of 12th St. to north side of 26th St.

Term: 2020 to 2024

Dave Winslow

Address: 2904 Bayland Drive

Fourth Ward

S. side of 26th St. to 59th St.
(including Ocean Reef)

Term: To 2024

Tony Polcini

Address: 2 Valmar Court
Cell: 609-432-1270
Email: jpolcini@ocnj.us

At Large

Representing all wards

Term: 2022 to 2026