Rules for Citizen Participation

In addition to Citizen Comment during the Second Reading and Public Hearing on proposed City ordinances and in addition to Citizen Comment during the public hearing on proposed resolutions (non-consent), your City Council has opted to include Citizen Comment as a portion of the Regular City Council Meeting. Citizen Comment is offered during the first half-hour of the meeting and again at the close of the meeting. Residents shall be given approximately 5 minutes to share their thoughts.  The first 30 minutes is a courtesy to provide accommodation to citizens that do not want to wait until the end of the meeting or until the public hearing on an ordinance or non-consent resolution.  If a citizen speaks during this time, permission will not be granted to speak again on the same issue or at the end of the meeting. 
Upon recognition by the Chair, speakers shall come to the podium and give their name and address for the record.  All persons are expected to engage in respectful and orderly discourse.  Persons entering into personal, impertinent, or slanderous discourse or persons who become boisterous or unruly during the discussion, shall, at the discretion of the Chair or at the objection of City Council members, forfeit their remaining time to address City Council.
Statements to the City Council or the Administration should be addressed through the Chair.  A reply to a statement or a question should not be the impetus for debate. Concerns that cannot be addressed immediately will be referred to the departments listed below.
Although your City Council requests residents to respectfully acknowledge the Standing Rules of the regular Council meeting, with the consent of the majority of City Council, deviation from the Standing Rules may be permitted.
The names, addresses and home telephone numbers of city council representatives are available online and in the city clerk’s office for any resident who wishes to contact a member of city council outside the purview of the city council meeting.
Administration:  609-525-9333
City Clerk: 609-525-9328
Community Services: 609- 399-6111
Fire & Rescue Services:  609-525-9182
Public Works: 609-399-6111
Police Services: 609-525-9101
Financial Management: 609-525-9350