Baby Parade & Queen Infanta

111th Annual Ocean City Baby Parade
Thursday, Aug. 12, 2021

Thank you to all entrants and spectators who participated in this year's parade. Here are our award winners:

Bamberger Award

Number:  401                                    

Names: Giavanna Todd

Theme: Giavanna’s Gelateria 


Hanscom Award

Number:  400                    

Names: Dior Fulton        

Theme: The Hungry Caterpillar 


Dahlhausen Award

Number:  702    

Names: Lilly Parsinitiz    

Theme: Spikes Dinosaur Tour of the Jersey Shore            



Number: 707                                     

Names: RD, Bodie and Oakley Webber 

Theme:  OC-On in a Melon!                        


Soifer Award

Number: 706                                     

Names: Owen Bowker 

Theme: Toy Story in OC


Most Outstanding Twins or Triplets

Number: 705     

Names: Mariah & PJ McMahon

Theme: Two Sweet Twins                            


Greatest Distance Traveled

Number: 416                     

Names: Elizabeth Gerger

Theme:   From the Shores of Madison, Ohio!

From:  Madison, Ohio


Division A Section 100 Winner

Number:  100                                                    

Names: Delaney Leszcynski        

Theme:  Sweet As Cotton Candy!            


Division A Section 100 Runner Up

Number: 104                                     

Names: Grace Labriola  

Theme: A Carousel of Dreams   


Division A Section 200 Winner

Number:  202                                                    

Names: Heap Babies     

Theme: OC Lifeguards


Division A Section 200 Runner Up

Number: 200     

Names: Alexandra & Isabella Vital           

Theme: Mermaids of Corson’s Inlet       


Division A Section 300 Winner

Number: 303                                                     

Names: Grace & Tierney Kane  

Theme:  Butterflies        


Division A Section 300 Runner Up

Number: 302

Names: Lillian Albright, Thomas & Samantha Dickinson

Theme:  As American as Baseball, Apple Pie and OC


Division B Section 400 Winner

Number: 402

Names:  Evelyn Joanna Stencler               

Theme: Baby Yoda         


Division B Section 400 Runner Up

Number: 416                     

Names: Elizabeth Gerger             

Theme: From the Shores of Madison, OH            


Division B Section 500 Winner

Number:  503                                    

Names: Vivian & Nicholas Firmani            

Theme: OCNJ Space Race            


Division B Section 500 Runner Up

Number:  509                    

Names: Jackson & Cameron Davis           

Theme:  Country Western in OC               


Division B Section 600 Winner

Number: 601                     

Names: Jacob Lynch, Sawyer & Savannah Moulen           

Theme: Mario Brothers


Division B Section 600 Runner Up

Number: 602                                                     

Names: Cameron & Allessandra DaSilva, Deacon & Johanna Jones           

Theme: Mario Kart         


Division C Winner

Number: 703

Names: Beckett & Kenna Adams             

Theme: Pollination---save the bees and butteflies!         


Division C Runner Ups

Number: 704                                     

Names: Luca Chmielewski           

Theme: Sitting on The Dock of the Bay!


Number:  701    

Names: Dominic & Calvin Pezzella, Cameron & Jordan Monks, Emma Pacholski

Theme: Moanna


Best Float: OCTC Show Choir      


Best Musical Act: Absegami Marching Braves