Baby Parade & Queen Infanta


Thursday, August 11, 2022

Thank you to all entrants and spectators who participated in this year's parade. Here are our award winners:

Bamberger Award

Number: #201

Names: Arabella Czabator & Juliet Czabator

Theme: The OC Ballerina Sisters!

Hanscom Award

Number: #102

Names: Parker Young

Theme: Return to Mr. McGregor’s Garden

Dahlhausen Award

Number: #503

Names: Elizabeth Fox, Bradley Trinkner & Jackson Fox     

Theme: Cruella DeVil

Canale Award

Number: #200

Names: Rhys Berry

Theme: USPS


Soifer Award

Number:  #706

Names: Elliot Tate Sullivan

Theme: Elliot The Milkman 


Most Outstanding Twins or Triplets

Number: 506

Names: Joseph & Jayson Petrini

Theme:  Life is Sweet in OC!


Greatest Distance Traveled

Number: 103

Names: Anna Evelyn Koffler

Theme:  Southwest Sweetie Anna   

From:  Santa Fe, New Mexico


Division A Section 100 Winner

Number: #101

Names: Paula White

Theme: Carousel Cutie


Division A Section 100 Runner Up

Number: #100

Names:  Cecelia Carey

Theme: Celebrating 70 Year & 5 Generations in OC!

Division A Section 200 Winner

Number: #202

Names: Grace Jean Labriola

Theme: Grace’s Ice Cream


Division A Section 200 Runner Up

Number: #203

Names: Ella Vitale & Alex Vitale

Theme: In a world of Ducks, be a Peacock!             


Division A Section 300 Winner

Number:  #300

Names: Delia Beyer, Jonas Beyer & Quentin Beyer             

Theme: Pirate Ship


Division A Section 300 Runner Up

Number: #301

Names: Tierney Rose Kane & Liam Patrick Kane

Theme: The Belle and Beau of Ocean City 


Division B Section 400 Winner

Number: #409

Names: Taylorann Jane Larsen  

Theme: Meet The Flintstones      


Division B Section 400 Runner Up

Number:  #404

Names:  Lainey Graham

Theme: Chicago Style Hot Dog     


Division B Section 500 Winner

Number: #506

Names: Joseph Petrini, Jayson Patrini, Quincy Long & Madelyn Long

Theme: Life is Sweet in OC!


Division B Section 500 Runner Up

Number: #502

Names: Gianna Every

Theme: Roaring 20’s


Division B Section 600 Winner

Number: #602

Names: Fiona McMaster, Isaiah McMaster & Amelia McMaster

Theme: Aloha From Pennsylvania


Division B Section 600 Runner Up

Number: #603

Names: Asher Smith & Gage Smith

Theme: Goose & Maverick Fly By OC!


Division C Winner

Number: #701

Names: Owen Bowker

Theme: Jaws


Division C Runner Ups

Number: #704

Names: Jackson Van Richards & Gracie May Richards         

Theme: Thomas The Tank Engine


Number: #702   

Names: Luca Chielewski

Theme: Herme’ The Crab


Best Float: Minions of Ocean City


Best Musical Act: Ocean City Stompers Band