Mission Statement:

To encourage an atmosphere of openness and a culture of trust and confidence with an emphasis on civic participation and public debate which empowers many participants to take risks and to use their creative energies in positive and productive ways to work both individually and together in a manner that leads to ethical decisions
medCity_Hall_1.jpg and sound public policy.


The Business Administrator as the chief operating officer oversees the following departments: Law, Community Services, Public Works, Financial Management, Police Services and Fire & Rescue Services. In addition, the Business Administrator also serves as the Department Head for the following Divisions: Emergency Management , Human Resources , Information Technology , and Purchasing .

The Administrator has the power to investigate the organization and operation of any and all departments, to prescribe standards and rules of administrative practice and procedure, and to consult with the heads of the departments; provided that with respect to any Department of Law or Department of Finance, related to audits, accounts or control, the authority of the Business Administrator shall extend only to matters of budgeting, personnel and purchasing.


City Hall
861 Asbury Avenue
Ocean City NJ 08226

Monday - Friday  8:45a - 4:30p
Excluding City Holidays