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Recycling Do's and Don'ts

Ocean City participates in the Cape May County Municipal Utilities Authority's Single Stream Recycling Program. It is important for residents to understand what can and cannot be recycled. Placing the wrong materials in the recycling stream can cause entire truckloads to be rejected. We MUST clean up the recycling stream. 
The single stream program is for: paper, cardboard, bottles, jars, jugs and containers made of plastic, aluminum, glass and steel/tin.
CARDINAL RULE NO. 1: Do not place your recycling in plastic trash bags, and do not place plastic bags in your recycling.  NO PLASTIC BAGS.
CARDINAL RULE NO. 2: All caps and tops from cans, bottles and jugs should be put in the trash. DO NOT RECYCLE CAPS.
CARDINAL RULE NO. 3: Do not recycle beverage cups or food-contaminated boxes and containers.
CARDINAL RULE NO. 4: Styrofoam is not recyclable in Cape May County and should not be put into the single stream.
RIGID PLASTICS: Coolers are no longer accepted as mixed rigid plastics. Coolers must go out with household trash. Some rigid plastics -- such as resin lawn/deck chairs, plastic storage tubs and some children's play sets (if they are not made of ABS) -- can be recycled at the Shelter Road Recycling Center in Ocean City. Rigid plastics DO NOT INCLUDE garden hoses, plastic sheet, PVC pipe or vinyl siding.
TRASH CONTAINERS: A trash container is NOT a single-stream material. It is a rigid plastic material and should not be recycled. Trash containers can be recycled with rigid plastics at the Shelter Road Recycling Center. 
SCRAP METAL: Scrap metal, such as this door off a small refrigerator, is not accepted in the single-stream recycling program. The ONLY metals accepted in the program are steel/tin cans. Scrap metal less than 20 feet in length can be recycled at the Shelter Road Recycling Center. This kind of material in the single-stream recycling flow can cause damage to equipment and injury to workers.