Baby Parade


The 108th annual Ocean City Baby Parade is scheduled for Aug. 10, 2017.
Check back here for more information and a registration form.

107th Annual Ocean City Baby Parade Results – Aug. 11, 2016

More than 150 children participated in the 107th annual Ocean City Baby Parade on Thursday, Aug. 11. Here are the results of the judging.
DIVISION A: Children in FANCY decorated strollers, coaches, wagons, etc.
Section 1: Up to Two Years
  • First: Clementine Higgins (13 months) and Dominick Barber (1 year), Pilesgrove and Franklinville, N.J., Bee Theme, (Parents: Emily and Sean Higgins, Roberta Barber)
  • Second: Avery Watts, 21 months, Linwood, N.J., Bathing Beauty, (Parents: Kerri and Jordan Watts)
  • Third: Giuliana LaMota (11 months) and Jacob Pensky (8 months), Ocean City, N.J., Mickey and Minnie’s Clubhouse, (Parent: Nicole LaMota)
  • Fourth: Annaliese and William Visscher, 18 months, Ann Arbor, Mich., O.C. Fire Department, (Parents: Jennifer and Daniel Visscher
  • Fifth: Mia Lynch, 13 months, Somerdale, N.J., Hawaiian Theme, (Parent: Mary Lou Lynch) 
Section 2: Two to Five Years Old
  • First: Teagan (5) and Delia (3) Beyer, Fairfax, Va., Sassy Seagulls, (Parents: Kelly and Jared Beyer)
  • Second: Mia Hood, 5, Willow Grove, Pa., Always Loving OC, (Parent: Tiffany Hood)
  • Third: Avery (4) and Devon (9 months) Epstein, Wayne, Pa., Lifeguard Beach Patrol, (Parents: Amy and Neil Epstein) 
Section 3: Six to Ten Years Old
  • First: Stella LeClair, Avery Spitale, Charlotte LeClair, Benjamin Spitale, (Parent: Virginia LeClair)
  • Second: Kullin (6) and Mia (3) Akers, Uhrichsville, Ohio, One Dip At A Time and Tis So Sweet, (Parent: Natasia Akers) 
DIVISION B: Children in COMIC decorated strollers, coaches, wagons, etc.
  • First: Myra Hideck, 1, This Is How I Roll “Bowling,” (Parent: Susan Hideck)
  • Second: Kevin Kohlmann, 20 months, Brick, N.J., Elvis In His Pink Cadillac, (Parent: Keith Kohlmann)
  • Third: Lillian Albright, 16 months, Evesham, N.J., Ocean City’s Flying Ace, (Parent: Lindsay Albright)
DIVISION C: Small Children’s Floats
  • First: Ryan Lovenstein, 7, South Hampton, Pa., Cruisin to Ocean City, NJ, (Parent: Jennifer Lovenstein)
  • Second: Brynn Dobleman (2), Savannah Dobleman (1), Chase Cain (4), Stevie Cicalese (1), Mount Ephraim, N.J., Ghostbusters, (Parent: Jennifer Cicalese)
  • Elisabeth Sullivan, 10, San Diego, Calif., Seagull Rock, (Parent: Lisa Sullivan)
  • Eliana and Lilliana Peppelman, 11 months, Newtown, Pa., Twin Treasure Under the Sea, (Parent: Lisa Peppelman)
  • Jonathan Jones Carafa, 2 years, 11 months, Holmes, Pa., Ocean City NJ – The Sweetest Place On Earth, (Parents: Jennifer and Joe Carafa)
  • Nicholas (6) and Aiden (2) Mahaffey, Hatboro, Pa., All Lives Matter, (Parent: Maria Mahaffey)
  • Sean Spinelli (3), Bryce Guiffre (7) and Emerson Guiffre (5 months), Ocean City, N.J., Ghostbusters of OC, (Parents: Debbie and Eric Spinelli, Jamie and Julie Guiffre)
  • Eddie Kloss, 7 months, Crum Lynn, Pa., Eddie the (Train) Engineer, (Parents: Ed and Kim Kloss)


107th Annual Baby Parade - Thursday, August 11, 2016 - 5 PM

Registration Headquarters: Music Pier Information Center, Boardwalk at Moorlyn Terrace
Registration Closes 5:30 P.M., Tuesday, August 9
Entry fee $5.00 per child in Division A, B & C
PARADE ROUTE FOR PARTICIPANTS: 6th Street to 12th Street on the Boardwalk. Bands, special guests, cars, dignitaries, etc. will travel to 14th Street.
REVIEWING STAND: At the Music Pier, Moorlyn Terrace
WINNERS: Each child receives a memento at 12th Street for participating in the parade. Division winners will receive their award when they complete the parade at 12th Street. You must walk the entire parade route! Bands, special guests, cars, dignitaries, etc. will travel to 14th Street!
NOTE: In the event of heavy rain, entries should still report to the Civic Center where judging will still take place. The parade will not proceed down the Boardwalk.
ENTRANTS: A child must be ten years of age or under to compete in A, B or C.
DIV A. – Children in FANCY Decorated Go-Carts, Strollers, Coaches, Kiddie cars, Express Wagons, etc, or walking.
                Section 1: Up to Two Years
                Section 2: Two Years Up to Six Years
                Section 3: Age 6 Up to Ten Years
Note: In Division A, if there is more than one child in a wagon, coach, etc. they will be placed in the section of the oldest child.
DIV B – Children in COMIC Decorated Go-Carts, Strollers, Coaches, Kiddie cars, Express Wagons, etc, or walking. Up to 10 years.
DIV C – SMALL CHILDREN’S FLOATS – All vehicles including Express Wagons and Baby Carriages with tops or sides built or added measuring more than 3x5 feet.
PARADE INFORMATION – Division A and B will form inside the Civic Center and Division C will form outside the Civic Center, 6th Street at the Boardwalk. Division D (floats) will form on the Boardwalk at 5th Street. Judging begins at 3:45 P.M. sharp.
Division D – Floats entered by Hotels, Businesses, Organizations, etc. All floats enter Boardwalk via 5th Street Ramp and should be in line by 3:30 PM. We cannot have debris on the boardwalk and on the beaches.  Floats are judged on the parade route. Providing your own music is encouraged.  Interested in participating? Contact Mike at
BANDS, GUEST PERFORMING GROUPS – Interested in joining the parade line up? Please contact Mike Hartman at
2016 Grand Marshal:
Kaitlin Becker is a host of “Sunny Side Up” on Sprout, the first 24-hour preschool destination available on TV, on demand and online.  Along with her co-host, Chica, Kaitlin interacts live with preschoolers and their families across the country as she shares daily birthday greetings, viewer-submitted crafts, fun facts and weekly themes ranging from colors, numbers and letters to manners, gardening and pets.  Becker debuted as a host on “Sunny Side Up” in January 2014.
Becker was born in Indiana and raised in Kentucky. She began her career at the age of 7 when she modeled and appeared in her first commercial. At 14, Becker was cast in her first high school musical and she was hooked. She has appeared in a several off-Broadway productions, national tours and community theater productions. She has also done improv comedy and was named Northern Kentucky’s Funniest Comedian in 2006.
Currently residing in Astoria, New York, Becker attended Northern Kentucky University and in 2007 received a B.F.A. in musical theatre.  During her Regional Theatre career, Kaitlin performed with the Ocean City Theatre Company in their productions of Anything Goes, Little Shop of Horrors, Hairspray and two Holiday Revues. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, playing music, spending time with her family and making people laugh.