City Asks Owners to Remove Vehicles and Trailers From 16th Street Lot

All private and commercial vehicles, trailers and boats must be removed from former car dealership lots along 16th Street (between Haven and Simpson avenues) by Monday, Sept. 26, 2022.

The city is planning to begin remediation and improvement of this newly acquired open space.

Please be aware that no vehicle exceeding 22 feet in length or 10,000 pounds in weight can be parked on any street at any time. Trailers and boats less than 22 feet in length can remain parked on streets for no more than two consecutive evenings. Vehicles and boats on trailers are allowed long-term parking at the 9th Street and Boardwalk Lot and the Atlantic Avenue Lot in designated spots during the period of November 1 to March 31 with proper application and approval by the Division of Parking Regulations (609-525-9223). The rate is $60 per month.

Thank you in advance for your prompt adherence to this directive.

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