Verizon to Retire 3G Cell Phones and Devices

The Ocean City Utility Advisory Commission wants you to know that changes are happening to cell phones on Verizon at the end of this year. If you have AT&T or T-Mobile, it already happened.

Did you get notices that your phone is being retired or will no longer work?  Verizon will be retiring 3G phones on December 31, 2022. You’re going to need a new phone before that, either a 4G or 5G model. To avoid the year end crush and take advantage of options, look into it now.

More importantly if you have a Lifeline or other medical services, emergency alerts (such as On-Star) in your car, a wireless security or fire alarm system, an older pad, tablet or smart watch, solar system monitoring, they may be affected too. Contact your provider and confirm your program wireless operation continuity. 

Verizon is sending 3G CDMA wireless subscribers a free, extremely basic, flip phone to prevent them from losing connectivity when the 3G network goes offline on 12/31/22: 

Here’s more information on 3G CDMA Retirement: 

Log into your MyVerizon account to learn more or call customer service.

It might be a good idea to investigate other carriers like AT&T or T-Mobile to see if you're getting the best deal. Also, talk to your neighbors to see how well their cell phones work compared to yours.

You don’t want to be in a position where you can’t make a cellphone call or have essential services interrupted. You will also need some time to find the particular phone that works best for you and is easy to use.

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