Property Protection Measures

Property Protection

Since Ocean City is entirely in the Special Flood Hazard Zone, you should be aware that the question is not if we will have a flood, but when, how often and how deep. Two basic techniques are used to reduce flood damage to existing structures and household items. The first is elevating the structure out of the flood zone. The other, called flood proofing, can be “dry flood proofing”, such as installing watertight doors and windows to exclude flood water, or “wet flood proofing”, taking steps to minimize flood damage from water that enters the building.

Protect Your Vehicles

Street flooding can happen very quickly in some areas as a result of rainstorms and/or high tides. Learn where these areas are located and move your vehicle out of the way of rising water EARLY. Never drive through water you don’t know the water depth or what is under the water.  Stay Alive Never Drive Through Flood Waters!