Flood Safety

Flood Safety

The safety of your family is of the utmost importance! To be well-informed about an approaching storm, keep a battery powered radio tuned to a local station, as listed above, and follow all emergency instructions. If evacuation is ordered , do so immediately; don’t wait. Evacuations will be over the 34th St. Bridge and the 9th St. (Rt. 52) causeway.

In the event of a storm warning or advisory, immediately bring outdoor furniture and other possessions inside or tie them down securely. Remove beachfront steps. Be sure you have a full tank of gasoline and stock the car with non-perishable canned goods, with a can opener, a container of water, a first aid kit and any special medication needed by the family. If time permits, turn off the main power switch and shut off the main gas valve.

Protect Your Vehicles

Street flooding can happen very quickly in some areas as a result of rainstorms and/or high tides. Learn where these areas are located and move your vehicle out of the way of rising water EARLY. Never drive through water you don’t know the water depth or what is under the water. Stay Alive Never Drive Through Flood Waters!

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