Drainage System Maintenance

Only Rain in the Drain

The Ocean City Department of Public Works maintains the drainage system by regular cleaning of the catch basins in the city. If you observe a catch basin that does not appear to drain properly, please report it to Community Operations at 609-399-6111. In addition, the city has ordinances prohibiting the placement in any gutter, or any other drainage way, of anything that would block the flow of water and cause flooding. This includes debris, litter or vegetative waste, including grass clippings and leaves. Pile drivers are required to protect storm  drains from silt with hay bales.

Solutions to Storm
Water Pollution

Pollution on streets, parking lots and lawns is washed by rain into storm drains and then into our ocean and bay. By making small, easy changes in our daily lives, we can keep common pollutants out of storm water. The following are some of the things that are mandated by local law, that you can do to help keep Ocean City’s natural water clean and healthy:

· Limit your use of fertilizers and pesticides

· Do not pour hazardous products down the storm drain or where flood waters are found

· Do not litter

· Pick up and properly dispose of pet waste

· Do not blow or place grass clippings or leaves into the street

Storm water pollution is one of New Jersey’s greatest threats to clean and plentiful water. By doing some of the things that are outlined here, you can help to preserve our precious coastal environment.