Project Update


Updated 11 a.m. Jan. 17, 2020
Cape May County Municipal Utilities Authority
Wastewater Force Main Replacement Project
Bay Avenue, Ocean City, NJ
Work for Jan. 20-24:
As of the end of the day Friday (1/17/20), the contractor's south crew, which is progressing in a northward direction, will have installed PVC pipe, backfilled, and temporary paved to a point about 320' south of 21st Street. The contractor's north crew, which is progressing in a southward direction, will have completed the same work to a point about 400' south of 18th Street.
For the weekend (1/18/20 – 1/19/20), Bay Avenue will be open to two lanes of traffic with lane shifts around stored materials and equipment. On Monday (1/20/20), Bay Avenue will be closed from 24th to 14th streets.  
Middle School Activity:
At present it is expected that, by the end of next week (1/24/20), the north crew will have progressed to a point south of the school's bus port entrance. When that happens, the contractor will be able to barricade off Bay Avenue immediately north of the work zone. This will allow buses to drive south on Bay Avenue and enter the port by turning left, and then exit the port by turning right onto Bay Avenue and drive north. The target date for this is Monday, Jan. 27, 2020.
Until that happens, all the traffic patterns and guards that are now in place shall remain in place.
Project Scope:
The Cape May County Municipal Utilities Authority (CMCMUA) will replace/rehabilitate the force mains that carry wastewater to the treatment plant on the bay at 45th Street. Work will include:
  • Replacing 20-inch ductile iron force main with 20-inch PVC force main.
  • Slip-lining existing 20-inch ductile iron force main with 16-inch HDPE.
  • Extent: 31st Street from Haven Avenue to Bay Avenue; and Bay Avenue from 31st Street to Eighth Street.

Contact Information:
Please refer all inquiries to bayaveforcemain@cmcmua.comPhone Calls to Josh Palombo, Wastewater Program Manager, CMCMUA (609) 456-9026. See also the Cape May County Municipal Utilities Authority project page.