Project Update

Updated 2:24 p.m. July 19, 2018
Fourth Ward Neighborhood Drainage Project


A new network of storm drainage pipes is in place underneath the road surfaces. These bigger, stronger and straighter pipelines replace an aging and failing system.
Regrading and paving of roadways is complete with the exception of alleys, a section of Bayland Drive and pipe crossings of Bay Avenue at 29th Street and 30th Street. That work will take place after Labor Day.
Silt traps that were installed beneath inlet grates to prevent dirt and construction debris from clogging the new pipes have been removed.
Work will continue through the summer on the installation of pumping stations. Two of the four planned stations (at 30th and Haven and adjacent to the Ocean City Municipal Airport parking lot) are in place and equipment is being installed. Work on a pumping station and pipeline on airport property at the end of 28th Street will be next, followed by work on the final pumping station adjacent to Clubhouse Lagoon off Bayland Drive.
An interconnection with the old drainage network that was allowing tidal waters to flood Haven Avenue at 29th Street and 30th Street has been identified. New check valves to address the issue have been ordered and should be installed within a month. In the interim, temporary plugs will be installed to prevent this flooding during exceptionally high tides (including during new moon tides around August 10 and 11). These plugs must be removed to allow rain water to drain, so the neighborhood may experience a small amount of high-tide flooding when they’re not in place.
The pumping station at 30th and Haven will work in tandem with the one to be installed at the end of 28th Street. It will be activated only when both are complete.


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