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April 9, 2019 (5:30 PM)







Agenda for April 9, 2019 OCNJ Healthy Living Council Meeting:

- Call meeting to Order
- Review  March 12, 2019 Minutes
- School Bike Safety Event
  - M. Allegretto will reach out to school to see status of event preparations. Will contact L. Montgomery with
    update so we can get this event up and running or get the ball started.
  - L. Cowden if you have any information, please advise as we are running out of time.
- Health/Fitness & Wellness Expo
  - Changing venue to Civic Center. - M. Allegretto checking schedule to see when Civic Center is available in
    mid to late Sept.
  - M. Allegretto will update the vendor applications for next meeting for expo. Will need vendor application
    emailed or provide copies at April meeting.
  - K. Quinn and L. Montgomery will take copies of vendor applications around to the local gyms/yoga studios
    Block Party Weekend..
  - R. Harding will take vendor applications around to the healthy restaurants as discussed.
  - Once we have date R. Harding to reach out to Villanova coach Jay Wright.
    Once we have date I can also circle back to Christina "Cooks" Pirello, Susan Lucci, and Heidi Albertsen if
- Night In Venice "Celebrate"
- K. Quinn, K Ridge, R. Hadam looking in to boat availability
- L. Montgomery can check at coast guard class for boat availability
- M. Allegretto providing banner
- K. Quinn volunteering DJ son to play music.
  Work on play list:  Example "Let's Get Physical" by Olivia Newton John.
Miscellaneous - M. Allegretto
- t shirts
- decals
- How can the Council support existing OC "Healthy" events and make a difference.
New Business
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