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August 31, 2018
Notice of Dredging Activities
Southwind Construction Corporation located in Evansville, Indiana under contract with the City of Ocean City, New Jersey will be conducting dredging activities in the vicinity of Clubhouse & Bluefish Lagoons during the months of September and October 2018. Hours of work will be between 8:00AM and 8:00PM Monday through Saturday with some work on Sundays starting at 9 a.m.
Dredging activities are proposed within the main channels and immediately adjacent to existing docks and piling features in which any assistance property owners could provide in advance by moving their vessels would be appreciated. This is not a mandatory requirement by the landowner however if possible it will result in a better finished product adjacent to your docks.
Please caution that both submerged and floating pipeline will present during all dredging operations in which the boating public should use extreme caution while slowly navigating within these areas. Buoys such as the one pictured above will mark the pipeline. Access/egress along your dock features will be provided throughout the work period although you may experience some expected delays at times.
Due to scheduling restraints, the City contract must be completed first prior to any additional “private work” to be considered. All private work (if any) shall be performed on a case by case basis between the months of December to February.
Thank you in advance for your consideration:
Southwind Construction Management     
14649 Highway 41 North, Suite 100
Evansville, Indiana 47725
Office: 812.867.7220
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