Plastics Recycling Now Available at 5 Locations in Ocean City

Date: February 6, 2020



Ocean City Intermediate School students, under the guidance and direction of the Cape May County Municipal Utilities Authority, are launching a new program to collect plastic bags and film packaging for recycling. 
Everybody is invited to drop off recyclable plastic at any one of five locations in Ocean City:
  • Ocean City Intermediate School, 18th Street and Bay Avenue
  • City Hall, 9th Street and Asbury Avenue
  • Henry Knight Building, 12th Street and Haven Avenue
  • Ocean City Community Center, 1735 Simpson Avenue
  • Shelter Road Recycling Center, Shelter Road off Tennessee Avenue
The drop-off locations are indoors and subject to building hours of operation. Look for the poster below that will identify the drop-off bins. All materials collected will be used to create composite decking and railing products.
Please remember that plastic bags cannot be placed at curbside for pickup as part of Ocean City's single-stream recycling program. Placing the wrong materials in the recycling stream can cause entire truckloads to be rejected.
A complete guide to curbside recycling do’s and don’ts is available here: But a few of the most important guidelines are as follows: 1) Do not place your recyclables in plastic trash bags, and do not place plastic bags in your recycling, 2) Throw away caps and tops from bottles, jugs and cans with your trash, 3) Do not recycle beverage cups or food-contaminated containers, and 4) Do not recycle Styrofoam.