Healthy Living Advisory Council

Date: January 14, 2020
Time: 5:30 PM
861 Asbury Avenue
Ocean City, NJ





5:30 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2020

Room 214, City Hall
- Call to Order
- Review Dec. 2019  Minutes - as provided by Ian Wright
- Set up Instagram account/sync with Council face book page -   Lauren Cowden Update
- Contact Michelle Musto/volunteer coordinator and Pastor Marcia Standford/Church Coordinator - Jessica
   Amoroso Update
- Marketing Videos
  - Update on how those interested making out with their viedos.
- Blue Zone ..."Compliant"
  - Based upon start up costs of $5K and 80K and Ian 's background check it appears we might want to
    "Blue Zone Compliant"
  - If we wish to pursue Blue Zone Complaint does that mean the whole city has to be living a Blue Zone
    Compliant lifestyle ...including all businesses ?  If that is the case then the topic is dead
  - Ian to re share his findings when Deborah is in attendance at the next meeting
- Bicycle Safety Event 5/20
   - Update Lauren, Ian and Randy
- Flyers of classes, events in face book format
- 2nd Annual Health Fitness & Wellness Expo
  - Location: Music Pier
  - Date - M. Allegretto
- Unlocking of Ocean - May 22
  - How does Council want to participate in this event
   - Who will spear head
- Night in Venice
  - July 18
   - Gina/Lisa
- Parades
  - Who will spear head parades -
  - Doo Dah April 18
  - Halloween - Oct 29
   - Christmas - Dec 4
- OC Chamber of Commerce Annual WELCOME Night - Oct 28
   - table,,,what literature
- Equipment
  - possible locations (North St. Playground, 34th St Playground, 52nd st., along boardwalk near volley ball?
   - Ian will check out locations , connect with equipment co. and request their input on what equipment should
    go at each location.
  - Once equipment is installed we could hold a race /work out event utilizing and introducing the new
- Classes - beach/promenade
- Oldest person in OCNJ - Gina
Mark your Calendar next meeting is Feb. 11, 2020