Healthy Living Advisory Council

Date: July 9, 2019
Time: 5:30 PM
1735 Simpson Avenue
Ocean City, NJ 08226







- Call to Order
- Review May & June Minutes
- Need more Council Members
  - Advertise Update
   - When soliciting vendors for the health expo is a good time to ask if they would like to be on council.
- Bike Safety Event
   - Michael Allegretto - will bring t shirts to next meeting
- Face book page
  - Sign up for expo , follow, send to friends, neighbors, relatives
  - Make sure all vendors /speakers sign up for the expo, follow etc. We will soon start to blog on the council
     face book page about the vendors and those participating in the program. Will link to their face book
     pages. Another way where those participating will get free advertising and word-of-mouth advertising.
   - Once Justin Juliano gets us the social media poster of the expo will  send out to the participants so they can
      start advertising on their social media.
- Night In Venice
  - Michael Hartman will know by the end of June if we will have  a boat. If we get a boat Michael Allegretto
     will order us a banner and t shirts to wear.
   - If we get a boat how do we want to decorate.
   - Once we find out if we have a boat will need to discuss music/sound system etc.
Health Fitness & Wellness Expo - Sat. Sept. 28 10 to 4, OCNJ Civic Center
 - Kathy, Renee, Lisa continue on soliciting vendors and participants in programs. Vendor Application has been
    updated to move the submission date up to June 28 to help nudge the procrastinators. Other council mem-
    bers and city helpers feel free to jump in and help solicitor vendors etc.
  - Michael Allegretto checking on sound equipment for expo .
  - As we get closer we will work out floor plan.
  - Michael Allegretto will take care of water trough and t shirts for council to  wear/sell.
  - J. Juliano is now working on social media posters, actual posters and post cards for expo. He'll notify us as
     as soon as they become available.
  - Ali Gorman, Channel 6 Health Reporter - once we have this buttoned down we can reach out to see if she
    will participate or send a camera crew.
Vendors to date
  - The Farm Stand at 14th St.
  - Dr. Mark Kemenosh (will also speak)
  - Dr. Any Mars - (will also speak and provide kids corner. will need 8 to 12 middle school and high school
     volunteers to help.
  - Shore Medical - will need two tables - blood pressure, sugar, cholesterol
   - Rachael Mummolo - healthy skin care line
    - Soma Cafe
     - Fitness & Acquatic Center - zumba, tennis demo, yoga
     - Healthy Living Council - maps/floor plans of expo, sell t shirts
     - Living Dynamically/Lisa Montgomery
     - Earth Product Essentials
- Baby Parade
 - who can walk in parade?
  - will need banner
  -  could hand out postcards to people along parade route for expo
- Intermediate School Cook Off - put on hold until Sept.
- Miscellaneous and/or new business