Healthy Living Advisory Council

Date: May 14, 2019
Time: 5:30 PM
1735 Simpson Avenue
Ocean City, NJ 08226







Agenda for May 14, 2019 meeting:
- Call Meeting to Order.
- Approve April 9, 2019 Minutes
- Michael Allegretto to advertise looking for candidates to replace Kathy Ridge who had to step down and Randy Clark will become the police liason on the committee once he graduates from the Police Academy in June 2019.
- School Bike Safety Event
  Lauren Cowden is emailing the committee the itinerary for the event and how the committee can volunteer as needed. We'll button down the final details at May meeting.
  Michael Allegretto is handling purchasing the t shirts for this event.  We should receive the students artist submissions week of April 8th via email from Lauren.  We will vote on our favorite rendering and that will be printed on the front of t shirts.
Night In Venice
- L. Montgomery will reach out to Coast Guard Auxiliary Thurs April 11 to see if one of the members could volunteer or find a boat for us.
- Music - K. Quinn's son will DJ "Let's Get Physical" Olivia Newton John
-Dress in 80's style exercise clothes like Olivia wore in her Video for Let's Get Physical.
Health Fitness Expo
- M. Allegretto came back with two dates Sept 28 or Oct 5 that were available.  Committee chose Sept. 28.
-Time of Expo:  10 to 4
- M. Allegretto will email us finalized vendor application
- M. Allegretto will notify us this week when we can pick up copies of the application so we can start soliciting vendors.  Renee H. will work on soliciting food vendors.  K. Quinn and L. Montgomery will solicit gyms.
- Need to work on program
  - L. Montgomery contacted Cristina "Cooks" Pirello - Unfortunately she is out of the country last two weeks of Sept and first two weeks of Oct..  Will also contact Jay Wright, Villanova.
  - Other potential speakers  or classes:
     zumba, meditation, yoga - when we contact the gyms etc. as vendors also request they participate in the program. 
- Any other "healthy" vendors that would be appropriate please feel free to contact.
New Business