Public Comment on FEMA Grant for North End Drainage Project

Date: May 8, 2018



Federal Emergency Management Agency
In accordance with 44 CFR §9.8 for Executive Order 11988 & 11990
North End Pump Stations/Roadway Upgrades/Ancillary Infrastructure
 Ocean City, Cape May County
Notification is hereby given to the public of the intent of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to provide Hazard Mitigation Assistance funding to Ocean City, Cape May County.  The original scope of the project was initially for the creation of one pump station on 3rd Street between Haven Avenue and Simpson Avenue to provide flood control to the north end of the city [1st Street to 8th Street]  and from the Bay Bulkhead to Atlantic Avenue.  The revised project scope will now include three pump stations to properly alleviate flooding in the north end of the city. 
The City proposes to upgrade their drainage systems, raise 3rd  Street between West and Bay, Raise Bay Avenue at 3rd Street, raise West Avenue between 5th and 6th Street, replace the bulkhead at 3rd Street, and install three pump stations at 6th Street, 5th Street, and 2nd Street.  The entire project assists in the discharge of rain water from 1st Street to the 8th Street and from the Bay Bulkhead to Atlantic Avenue.  In order to accomplish this, the drainage systems for 2nd Street, 3rd Street, 4th Street, 5th Street, 6th Street, and 7th Street will need to be partially reconstructed and overflow pipes will be added to connect the systems to the pump stations.  Two new check valves are included as part of the project to replace functionally obsolete check valves. Tidal intrusion through the drainage network will be prevented through check valves on all the systems.
This project is located within the base or one percent chance floodplain (also known as the 100 year floodplain). The project is designed to mitigate flooding up to the 100 year level.   Under the President's Executive Order 11988, Floodplain Management, and Executive Order 11990, Wetlands Protection, FEMA is required to conduct a thorough review of the proposed pump stations and explore practicable alternative actions.  FEMA is also required to evaluate opportunities to avoid, minimize or mitigation potential impacts to floodplains or wetlands.
Public comment is invited on possible alternatives to this action, methods for potential impacts minimization, and on whether this project should be undertaken.   Comments about this project, potential alternatives, and floodplain impacts may be submitted in writing within 15 days of the date of this publication to John McKee, FEMA Environmental Planning and Historic Preservation, Mitigation Division, 26 Federal Plaza, 13th Floor, New York, NY  10278-0002 or via email to   If substantive comments are received, FEMA will evaluate and address the comments as part of the environmental documentation for this project.