Zoning Board Meeting

Date: June 19, 2013
Time: 7:00 PM





June 19, 2013

A meeting of the Ocean City Zoning Board of Adjustment is scheduled to be held Wednesday June 19, 2013 at 7:00 P.M. in room S109, Senior Center, 18th Street and Simpson Avenue.  The business noted below will be discussed.

Roll Call  

Secretary report(s):

        Adopt 4/17/13 and 4/24/13-Meeting Minutes.

Memorialize resolutions:   ZC12-039 Michael Lorenz; ZC13-005 Eric McDowell; ZC11-014 James Witchko; ZA13-007 George & Joan Choriw; ZC12-035 Harry & Judith Snyder; ZD13-006 Mark & Patricia Hyduk; ZC13-009 White/Azzarrano 

New Business:

              1.  ZC13-011 Elizabeth & Ken Carpenter, 3140 Bay Avenue, Block 3007, Lot 45,
               R-1-50 Zone

               Existing:  Single family
               Proposed:  Alter existing structure requiring rear yard setback and storage
               height variances.

2.  ZD13-012 William & Catherine Panico, 22 Simpson Road, Block 70.10, Lot 25, G60/6000 Zone

Existing:  Duplex and single family detached cottage

Proposed:  Construct new single family and maintain existing separate cottage requiring D-1 variance.


3.  ZC13-016 Corrado Napoletano & Claude Napoletano, 406 56th Street, Block 5602, Lot 16, R-2-30 Zone

Existing:  Single family

Proposed:  Construct new duplex requiring building coverage and parking setback variances.


4.  ZC13-017 Thomas & Susan Mitchell, 40-42 Bay Avenue,  Block 15, Lot 2 & 2.01, RB Zone

Existing:  Single family

Proposed:  Alter existing structure requiring side, aggregate side yard and rear yard setbacks, off street parking and gutter/downspouts variances.


5.  ZD13-010 Gary & Joann Mercer, 101 Bay Avenue, Block 111, Lot 9, NEN Zone

Existing: Single family

Proposed:  Alter existing structure requiring front yard, rear yard, side yard, side yard aggregate setbacks, building height, building coverage, garage setback and f.a.r. variances.

Meeting Adjournment.

Plans and documents related to the agenda may be reviewed during business hours Monday – Friday (9:00 AM – 4:30PM) at 115 12th Street at the Planning Office 

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