Weird Contest Week Aug 13-17

Date: August 14, 2012

One of Ocean City’s most unusual events is Weird Contest Week set for Aug. 13-17 at the Music Pier, Boardwalk and Moorlyn Terrace.

Little folks and big folks are drawn to this event because of its unique, off-the-wall mixture of creativity and fun. For instance it takes skill and creativity to sculpture something meaningful from salt water taffy but it’s lots of fun, too.

The contests are held Mon.-Fri. starting at11 a.m. Entry is free and prizes are awarded. There are divisions for the following age groups: 5 and under, 6-8, 9-12, Teens and Adults.

The contests kick off Mon., Aug. 13th with Salt Water Taffy sculpting sponsored by Shriver’s, 9thand Boardwalk. Results have ranged from unicorns and seagulls to a mighty Ferris Wheel. On Tuesday, contestants are challenged create something out of French Fries. Elvis and his guitar have emerged and lots of other interesting stuff. The fries are supplied by the Promenade, 7thand Boardwalk.

On Wednesday, it’s “That’s the Way the Cookie Crumbles.” Contestants are provided a huge cookie from Ward’s Pastries and advised to sculpt not eat. This takes a lot of willpower. On Thursday, it’s Paper Clip Art. The Eiffel Tower and Brooklyn Bridge have been produced from tangles of tin.

“Ears Looking At You,” an ear wiggling contest, is thrown in for good measure.

On Friday, there are two contests: Little Miss Chaos and Little Mr. Chaos and Miss and Mister Miscellaneous. The Chaos contests are for boys and girls from 3 to 5 years of age. They sit on the Music Pier stage, are given pots, pans and other instruments of noise pollution and instructed to make as much racket as they possibly can in 3 minutes. Inspirational music by Dire Straits and Billy Haley’s Comets is played in the background (Shake, Rattle and Roll, Rock Around the Clock, The Walk of Life).

The Mrs. and Mister Miscellaneous Contests are for those who have always wanted to compete in a Talent Contest, but maybe missed the bus or got stuck at a Rugby game. This is their big chance to wow the crowd from the historic Music Pier’s Stage.

For information, call 609-525-9300.