Martin Z. Mollusk Day

Date: May 3, 2012

Martin Z. Mollusk Day - Come and find out if summer is coming early, 11am at the 9th St. Beach. For more information call 609-525-9300.


Martin Z. Mollusk Creeps Again
By Mark Soifer
Martin Z. MolluskMartin Z. Mollusk, Ocean City’s relatively famous hermit crab, will creep onto the 9thSt.Beach at 11 a.m.on May 3rdfor the 37thtime.
Why? Good question. If Martin sees his shadow, summer will come one week early to this family resort much to the joy of the business community, Chamber of Commerce and me, the crab’s spiritual advisor and chef.
Martin celebrated his 101stbirthday recently (in hermit crab years). Hermit Crab years are computed by the number of wrinkles on a crab’s outer shell, times 20 plus one. I know this because Martin told me so. I’m the only one who can communicate with him.
We do it through a form of mental osmosis.
Martin credits his longevity to the exotic diet I’ve created for him which consists of shredded pizza crust, tepid swamp water and marinated tree bark. I will demonstrate how to prepare the concoction prior to Martin’s creep.
Martin will also receive a comprehensive physical check up. His blood pressure, vital signs and shell will be tested by Dr. Ernest Frankenstein and two nurses. The examination has been ordered by NASCRAB, the National Association of Crab Activities at the Beach. This is the same organization that sanctions all Ocean City crab activities including the Miss Crustacean Hermit Crab Beauty Pageant and Hermit Crab Races.
But not to worry, Martin appears to be in good health, according to his friends at Old Salt on the Boardwalk, where he resides comfortably in an assisted living Crustacean Condo.
The consistent prognosticator has correctly predicted the early arrival of summer for the past 37 years by seeing his shadow in the sands adjacent to the Music Pier, Boardwalk and Moorlyn Terrace. When the big moment arrives, adoring throngs sing his favorite song, Some Enchanted Morning led by Suzanne Muldowney, aka Underdog, a powerful soprano.
Martin has always insisted on much hoopla the day of his creep. May 3 will be no exception. Pomp and Circumstance is played as Martin is carried to the Beach. The retinue will include Muldowney and Big Momma Llama from Bready Farms in Tuckahoe who nods her head if Martin sees his shadow. Plus Trash Buster, the City’s Canned Crusader and environmental symbol who will clear the beach of any litter and sing his theme song, “Stand By Your Can.”
Members of the World’s only Wind Chimes Band will perform “Brother Can You Spare a Chime,” and other delights. The Public Relations Office of the City urges everyone to take off work and join the celebration. For information, call 609-525-9300, after hours 609-364-4010.