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The purpose of the program is to ensure all structures used, or intended for use, for residential purposes including any single family or two family structure, or individually-owned condo units within a multifamily structure shall have carbon monoxide and a smoke detector. Devices shall be tested and listed by a product certification agency recognized by the department of community services. Request for Smoke Detector/Fire Extinguisher Inspection


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Smoke Detector Program

Read notice on recall of Kidde NightHawk combination smoke/CO alarm How do I know why I need a smoke detector inspection?

ALLseasonal and year round rental units require a Smoke/Carbon Monoxide/Fire Extinguisher Certificate inspection.  A Certificate is also required prior to the sale of any residential property.  Please note this Certificate is non-transferable and if recently purchased, and renting, will require a new Certificate inspection.

How do I know what the Smoke detector requirement is?

Per the City of Ocean City Municipal Ordinance, Volume I, 13-8.2 (b), it is illegal to downgrade hardwired smoke detectors to battery-operated smoke detectors or to a battery combination CO/smoke detector.  Any and all hardwired prevention detectors must be maintained in working order.

How do I know what the fire extinguisher requirement is?

Effective November 1, 2005, the New Jersey State Department of Community Affairs, Division of Fire Safety, requires at least one portable fire extinguisher to be installed in all one and two-family dwellings (except seasonal rental units) uponchange of occupancy (this includes a sale of property and year round tenant(s).  The extinguisher shall be listed, labeled, charged, and operable; the size shall be no smaller than 2A:10B:C, rated for residential use and weigh no more than 10lbs; hangers or brackets supplied by manufacturer must be used; the extinguisher must be located within 10 feet of the kitchen; the top of the extinguisher must not be more than 5 feet above the floor; the extinguisher must be visible and in a readily accessible location, free from being blocked by furniture, storage, or other items; the extinguisher must be near a room exit or travel path that provides an escape route to the exterior; the extinguisher must be accompanied by an owner’s manual or written information regarding the operation, inspection, and maintenance of the extinguisher; and lastly, the extinguisher must be installed with the operating instructions clearly visible.


How do I know what the carbon monoxide detector requirement is?

As of February 2003, the New Jersey State Department of Community Affairs, Division of Fire Safety, requires all buildings containing:

1. any natural gas (this includes, but not limited to: gas burning appliance, i.e. stove, heater, water heater, clothes dryer, etc.), and/or
2. any fireplace (used or not; including wood burning) and/or,
3. any propane, kerosene or oil, and/or
4. have an attached, enclosed garage anywhere in the building, to have a carbon monoxide detector. They are to be placed within 10 feet of bedrooms/sleeping area, in a common area. If an electrical outlet is not available in this area, then a battery-powered unit must be installed. If there are bedrooms/sleeping areas located on multiple levels, a carbon monoxide detector is required on each level. A detector must be placed on each floor that has bedrooms/sleeping areas. Please follow manufacturer’s directions regarding placement and installation of the particular brand of detector you purchased.

Is there a fee for the inspection?
The carbon monoxide detector inspection, the smoke detector inspection, and fire extinguisher inspection will be done at the same time. The inspection fee is $50.00. If you have any questions, please call (609)399-6111, ext. 9727, between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm. Thank you.
Requirements for selling a property Requirements for landlords How do I schedule a smoke/carbon monoxide appointment?

A: Please call 609.399-6111, extension 9727

How do I schedule a key pick up inspection with our realtor?

A: For your convenience we will pick up a key from your realtor.  You can either send a letter, fax or email granting us permission to pick up the key.  Letter/fax/email must indicate name of your realtor and the serial number on your notice.

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Property Maintenance

How do I file a complaint about a property?

Please use the E-FORM (complaint) to file your complaint information.