Beach FAQs

Are barbecue grills and bonfires allowed on the beach?
The starting or maintenance of a fire on the beach, including any form of barbeque at any time during the entire year is strictly prohibited. This ban includes tiki torches, sparklers and every other form of flame or fire.
Is smoking allowed on the beach?
An ordinance passed in 2018 prohibits all forms of smoking on all Ocean City beaches.
Are dogs allowed on the beach?
Dogs are allowed on the beach only between October 1 and April 30. Dogs must be leashed, and owners must clean up after their pets. Dogs are not allowed on any beach at any time of day between May 1 and Sept. 30.
What beaches are open for surfing?
When Ocean City Beach Patrol lifeguards are on duty during the summer, the following beaches are designated for surfing:
  • Waverly Boulevard
  • Seventh Street
  • 16th Street
  • Beaches south of 36th Street where lifeguard stands are three blocks apart.
Which beaches have rest rooms?
Public Rest Rooms are located at: 1st Street, 6th Street, Music Pier (between 8th and 9th), 11th Street, 12th Street, 34th Street and 58th Street. All bathrooms are handicapped accessible. Family bathrooms are located at 1st, 6th and 12th streets.
Are tents and canopies allowed on the beach?
At this point, there are no restrictions to tents and canopies on the beach in Ocean City. We ask that users set up in the soft sand at the back of the beach (toward the dunes) as a matter of courtesy to others. We ask that users securely anchor their tents or canopies and refrain from setting them up when it's windy. We also ask that users set up tents or canopies no largers than 10-foot-by-10-foot.
Where can I buy beach tags and how much do they cost?
Complete information on beach tags is available at
Which beaches have Ocean City Beach Patrol lifeguards and what are hours?
The listed of protected beaches and hours is posted at .