Ocean City Snow Storm ~ Info To Know
Parked Cars
City Ordinance 7-3.9 prohibits parking on any municipal roads when covered with snow
Shoveling Snow on City Streets
If you shovel snow before the streets have been completely plowed
Pile snow to the right of your driveway (facing the street)
This will minimize but not eliminate your driveway getting plowed in
If your driveway or mailbox gets plowed in, the plow trucks cannot come back to dig you out
It is the homeowner’s responsibility to clear out in front of your driveway and mailbox
Street Snow Plowing Order
1st - Evacuation Routes
2nd - Main Arteries
3rd - Secondary Roads
4th - Alleys (if needed)
Evacuation Routes and Main Arteries may have to be done several times before other roads

All MOTORISTS shall remove all ice and snow from their vehicle before driving, especially from the hood, windows, and roof. It is the law in New Jersey. Motorists who fail to do so face fines of $25 to $75 for each offense, regardless of whether the ice and snow is dislodged from the vehicle. If flying ice or snow causes property damage or injury to others, motorists face fines of $200 to $1000 for each offense.

39:4-77.1. Snow, ice dislodged from moving vehicle causing injury, property damage; penalties
1. When snow or ice is dislodged from a moving vehicle and strikes another vehicle or pedestrian causing injury or property damage, the following penalties shall apply:
The operator of a non-commercial motor vehicle shall be subject to a fine of not less than $200 or more than $1,000 for each offense.

The operator, owner, lessee, bailee or any one of the aforesaid of a commercial motor vehicle shall be subject to a fine of not less than $500 or more than $1,500 for each offense.
No motor vehicle points or automobile insurance eligibility points pursuant to section 26 of P.L.1990, c.8 (C.17:33B-14) shall be assessed for this offense.

Be Prepared
As with any major storm forecast for the island, being prepared is most important
Extra Supplies
Extra food, flash lights, and candles are a good start
Pick up a copy of the Ocean City Emergency Management guide for a complete list of storm survival supplies
Have a Transportation Game Plan
If you have medical issues or are a professional and have to get someplace during a major snow storm
Have a transportation plan in case your street can’t be plowed before you have to leave
Please drive according to the road conditions
Please stay off the road during a snow emergency

7-3.9    Temporary Parking Prohibition for Snow Plowing and Removal.
a.     Whenever snow has fallen and the accumulation is such that it covers the streets or highways, an emergency shall exist and no vehicle shall be parked on the streets or highways or portions thereof indicated.
All Municipal Roadways
         The above parking prohibitions shall remain in effect after the specified hours on any day or days whenever he finds that such closing is necessary for the preservation of the public safety, health or welfare.