Historic Tide Levels Chart


See real-time and archived tide levels at the Bayside Center (500 block of Bay Avenue in Ocean City). Add 2.77 feet to convert the NAVD88 readings to mean low water (MLW).
10.02 feet MLW
(7.25 feet NAVD1988)
Hybrid Cat. 1 hurricane/winter storm makes landfall 12 miles north of Ocean City on a full-moon tide. 6.72 inches of rain measured in Beesley's Point. Top Ocean City wind gust: 70.2 mph. But calm winds in eye of storm spare Ocean City during the highest tide.
1944 HURRICANE (9/15/1944)
9.42 feet MLW
(6.65 feet NAVD1988)
Cat. 2 hurricane destroys Jersey Shore on way to landfall in Long Island.
STORM OF '62 (March 6 to 8, 1962)
9.12 feet MLW
(6.35 feet NAVD1988)
Three-day nor'easter batters Ocean City with 25-foot seas and 80+ mph winds.
DECEMBER '92 NOR'EASTER (12/11/1992)
9 feet MLW
(6.23 feet NAVD1988)
Slow-moving nor'easter with 80 mph winds causes the most flooding since the Storm of '62.
'THE PERFECT STORM' (10/31/1991)
8.77 feet MLW
(6 feet NAVD1988)
Author Sebastian Junger dubbed the merger of Hurricane Grace and a massive nor'easter "The Perfect Storm." It destroyed parts of the boardwalk in Ocean City.
8.52 feet MLW
(5.75 feet NAVD1988)
Cat. 1 hurricane hits the Outer Banks then Long Island.
JANUARY 2016 NOR'EASTER: "JONAS" (1/23/2016)
8.46 feet MLW
(5.69 feet NAVD1988)
Powerful coastal storm coincides with full moon. Winds top out at 66 mph. The 8.46 tide was followed by two more at 7.7 feet and 7.34 feet.
NOVEMBER 2009 NOR'EASTER  (Nov. 11-14, 2009)
8.02 feet MLW
(5.25 feet NAVD1988)
Three-day nor'easter levels dunes at the north end of the island.