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Engineering and Construction

Responsibilities: Design, Process Municipal Permitting, Provide Support to Zoning on Permitting Issues, Construction Management, Governmental Coordination, Maintain and Monitor Municipal Infrastructure including the Boardwalk, Beaches, Bulkheads, and Bay Area


Ocean City Engineering Division
15 E. 12th Street
Ocean City, NJ  08226  

Phone:  (609) 399-6111
Fax:  (609) 525-0831

Business Hours:  Monday-Friday:  8:45 am-4:30 pm
(except legal holidays)


Municipal Engineer: George J. Savastano, P.E. email: gsavastano@ocnj.us

Engineering Manager:  Roger A. Rinck; email:  rrinck@ocnj.us

Management specialist:  Michael Rossbach CPWM CRP; email:  mrossbach@ocnj.us

Senior Engineering Aide:  Wayne M. Blizzard, Senior Engineering Aide; email:  wblizzard@ocnj.us 

Engineering Aide:  Anthony Savastano; email: asavastano@ocnj.us

Engineering Aide:  John S. Elliott; email: jselliott@ocnj.us

GIS Specialist:  Benny R. Tafoya CFM; email: btafoya@ocnj.us