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Ocean City Municipal Election: May 12, 2020
Special Notice: All voting will be by mail only.
There will be no voting at the polls on Election Day.

Due to the public health concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic, there will be no voting at the polls for the May 12 municipal election in Ocean City. This action is pursuant to Gov. Murphy's Executive Order No. 105. All registered voters in Ocean City will receive a ballot by mail, which can be returned with postage pre-paid. No sample ballots will be mailed for this election.
TO CAST YOUR BALLOT: Look for the official ballot in your regular mail (this will NOT be a sample ballot). Complete the ballot and return (postage is pre-paid). Ballots must be postmarked by May 12.
TO REGISTER TO VOTE OR UPDATE YOUR MAILING ADDRESS: Visit to print forms that must be returned (postage pre-paid) by April 21, 2020.
TO REQUEST A VOTE BY MAIL BALLOT: If you are living away from your permanent address, you can have a ballot mailed to your temporary address. Visit to print forms that can be returned up to seven days prior to the election.