Capital Projects

The Capital Plan is Ocean City's financing and implementation plan for the construction and renovation of the City’s infrastructure. This includes paving and drainage, dredging, beach, boardwalk, public building and properties, public areas, large equipment and vehicles, departmental equipment, communications, and intermodal, transportation, and parking infrastructure. The Capital Plan is structured as a five-year plan for the City.


Should you have any questions in regards to the City’s Capital Plan please contact Matt von der Hayden, Manager of Capital Planning, at Phone Number: 609-525-9360 or email at:




2016-2020 CAPITAL PLAN

The capital plan presentation also will air on OCTV-97 at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday (Jan. 20), 8:30 a.m. Saturday (Jan. 23) and 7:30 p.m. Monday (Jan. 25).




2015-2019 CAPITAL PLAN





PROJECT NAME DESCRIPTION Estimated Completion Project Phase
Boardwalk Reconstruction Plaza Place to 8th Street Demolition of existing boardwalk to 8th Street and installation of wood pilings and new southern yellow pine decking. Spring 2016 Under Const.
2015-16 SOUTH END BEACH FILL Repump to start by March and be complete by April Spring 2016 Under Const.
2015 Alley Improvements at Various Locations 100 Block Wesley/Ocean alley, 300 Block Asbury/Central alley, 1000 Block West/Asbury alley, 5400 Block Asbury/Central alley, 5500 Block Asbury/Central alley Spring 2016 Under Const.
Replacement of Library Roof Replacement of the roof at the Ocean City Free Public Library at 1735 Simpson Ave. Spring 2016 Under Const.
Installation of Track Surface at Carey Field Replacement of the track, installation of drainage improvements Summer 2015 Complete
10th Street Bulkhead Improvements Replacement of bulkhead and fishing pier at 10th Street Summer 2015 Complete
Material Removal from Confined Disposal Facility #83 Removing material from Site #83 via barge to provide capacity for future dredging operation disposal Winter 2015-16 Under Const.
Construction of New Skateboard Park Construction of a new skateboard park Summer 2015 Complete
Ocean Front Stormwater Outfall Improvements Increase outfall capacity for outfalls at 3rd Street, 6th Street, 9th Street, 12th Street, 13th Street, and 15th Street. Also includes emergency repair for 1st Street outfall Spring 2017 Permitting
Lagoon Drainage Repairs Sink holes in the side yards of numerous homes related to deteriorated drainage pipes.  47-51 Arkansas, 12-14 Arkansas, 58-60 Arkansas, 44-46 Waterway, 25-26 Grenada, 1-2 Caroline, 1-2 Kingston Spring 2016 Design
29th Street Fire House Storm Damage Restoration and Improvements 29th Street Fire House restoration from 28" of flood water damage as well as other improvements to elevate living quarters Spring 2017 Design
2016 Bulkhead and Road Improvements at Various Locations Replacement of 11th Street bulkhead, paving of 11th Street west of Bay Avenue and installation of larger drainage pipe on 11th Street; W. 17th Street bulkhead; drainage on north side of 10th Street between Wesley and Ocean; Glenwood Drive gutter around cul-de-sac; 7th and Asbury/Central ADA ramp on north side of street Spring 2016 Under Const.
Installation of rubber play surface at Airport playground Installation of rubber safety surface Spring 2016 Under Const.
2015 Road Improvement Program - 16th to 14th Streets Paving of Pleasure - 16th St to 14th St, 16th St - bulkhead to West, 15th St - bulkhead to Bay Avenue, 14th St - bulkhead to Bay Avenue, Prospect Ave, Wovern Place, Bayview Place, Bayview/14th Alley, Bayonne Pl, Sunset Pl, 1600 block Bay/Simpson alley, 1600 block Haven, 1500 block Haven/West alley Spring 2016 Design
City Hall Ground Floor Exterior Door and Window Replacement Replacement of the ground floor exterior doors and windows. Spring 2016 Under Const.
Construction of Salt Storage Facility Salt storage facility on the west side of 34th Street bridge is no longer useable.  Construction of new salt facility on Shelter Road. Fall 2016 Design
Historic Improvement to the Transportation Center Installation of the historic turret to the building. Spring 2016 Out to Bid
4TH STREET LIFE SAVING STATION RESTORATION - PHASE 2 Site improvements Spring 2016 Out to Bid
Airport Obstruction Removal Removal of trees that obstruction runway zone, installation of red flashing lights to denote buildings within runway zone Fall 2017 Permitting
North End Pump Station - FEMA Grant Storm water pump station on 6th Street to handle all the drainage from 1st Street to 8th Street from the bay bulkheads to Wesley Avenue. Would consolidate outfall pipes from 2nd Street to 7th Street to one location Spring 2016 Design
CMAQ Project -- On-Street Bike Parking Installation of on-street bike parking at 40 locations within the city plus a storage shelter at 9th Street and Haven Avenue Spring 2016 Design
Welcome Center Modifications Interior stairwell Spring 2016 Design
North End Beach Fill Beach fill from Seaspray Beach to 12th Street Fall 2015 Complete
Boardwalk Reconstruction -- 8th Street to 10th Street

Demolition of existing boardwalk to 10th Street and installation of wood pilings and new southern yellow pine decking.

Spring 2017 Design