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11th & Boardwalk
11th & Boardwalk



Capital Plan Update Presented at 10/17/13 Council Workshop

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Capital Projects Update from June 20, 2013


Drainage, Bulkhead and Road Presentation 
Oct. 18, 2012 Council Workshop

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PROJECT NAME DESCRIPTION Estimated Completion Project Phase
Boardwalk Reconstruction 5th Street to 6th Street Demolition of existing boardwalk in 500 block and installation of wood pilings and new southern yellow pine decking. Spring 2014 Under Const.
Boardwalk Reconstruction 6th Street to Plaza Place Demolition of existing boardwalk in 600 block and installation of wood pilings and new southern yellow pine decking. Spring 2015 Design
Installation of Sand Fence and Dune Grass at Various Locations Installation of sand fence, post and rail fence, dune grass, and dune cross overs island wide Winter 2014 Under Const.
2013 Bulkhead Improvements at Various Locations Bayfront bulkhead replacement 7th Street and Landing Road Spring 2014 Under Const.
2012 Fall Road Improvement Program - Phase 2 - Downtown Paving of 7th Street (West Ave to Boardwalk), 8th Street (West Ave to Atlantic Ave), 800 block of West, Pennlyn Place (Ocean to Boardwalk), 11th Street (Central to Boardwalk),  Spring 2014 Under Const.
Reconstruction of Bay Avenue - 18th Street to 6th Street County Project:  Drainage improvements and road resurfacing on Bay Avenue from 18th Street to 6th Street. Spring 2014 Under Const.
Merion Park Drainage Improvement Project Paving of Oxford Lane (Bartram to Victoria), Argyle, and portions of Victoria, Westminster and Waterview Summer 2014 Out to Bid
2nd Street Drainage Improvements Upgrade 2nd Street beach outfall from a 18" to a 30" pipe Spring 2014 Under Const.
Drainage Improvement - 48th Street to 51st Street Investigation of drainage improvements along Haven Ave from 48th St to 51st St Spring 2015 Design
2013 Fall Road Improvement Program - Phase 2 - 39th Street to 42nd Street Paving of Asbury - 42nd St to 39th St, 42nd St - West to Central, 41st St - West to Central, 40th St - West to Central, and 39th St - West to Central, 52nd St - Central to beach, 56th St - Central to beach, 800 block West-Asbury Alley, City Hall parking lot, West 17th St drainage improvements Spring 2014 Under Const.
2013 Fall Road Improvement Program - Phase 3 - Utility Improvements Paving of Pelham Place, Stenton Place, 11th St - Bay to Simpson, 12th St - Bay to Simpson, Simpson - 1100 block and Arkansas Avenue, Bayshore Drive related to SJG and NJAW work Spring 2014 Under Const.
Installation of Hawk Signal on 9th Street Traffic signal to be installed in the area of 9th Street and Haven/Aldrich to assist in pedestrian and bicycle crossings of 9th Street Spring 2014 Out to Bid
NJAW 2013-14 Sewer and Water Improvements Utility improvements on 53rd and West/Asbury lift station, 600 block Simpson/Haven alley, 600 block West/Asbury alley, 600 block Asbury/Central alley, 600 block Ocean/Atlantic alley, Bayshore Drive, Bay Avenue - 12th to 16th Spring 2014 Under Const.
SJG 2013-14 Gas Improvements Utility improvements on Battersea Road (Bay to East Atlantic), Pinnacle Road, Gull Road, Gull Haven Road, East Surf Road, West Surf Road (West Seabright to Wesley), West Seabright Road, East Seabright Road, East Seaspray (Wesley to Ocean), East Inlet, East Atlantic (Wesley to Seaspray), Asbury Ave (11th to 12th), Atlantic Ave (1st to 2nd), Central Avenue (6th to 8th), Asbury Avenue (45th to 46th), Central Ave (50th to 51st) Spring 2014 Under Const.
17th Street Bridge Improvements Improvements of 17th Street Bridge - County Project. TBD Design
2014 Road Improvement Program Phase I - North End Paving Paving of W Atlantic (Inlet to Gardens Pkwy), Bridge Blvd (W Atlantic  to Gardens Pkwy), Crescent (Inlet to Gardens Pkwy), W Surf (Inlet to Wesley), Inlet Battersea to W Surf), Landing Road, W Station (North to Battersea), Sindia (North to Battersea), Haven Ave (2nd St to North), North St (Bulkhead to Asbury), Warwick Road, 1st St (Bulkhead to West), Haven/West Alley (2nd St to North St), Simpson/Haven Alley (2nd to 1st St) Fall 2014 Design
2014 Road Improvement Program Phase II Paving of 2400 blockSimpson Ave, 2600 block West/Asbury Alley, Central Ave (28th to 24th), Wesley Ave (26th to 24th), Central-Wesley Alley (28th to 26th), 28th St (West to Wesley), 26th St (West to Beach), 25th St (West to Beach) Fall 2014 Design
2014 Fall Road Improvement Program - Phase 1 - 31st Street to 34th Street Paving of Simpson - 33rd St to 31st St, 33rd St - Bay Ave to West Ave, 32nd St - Bay Ave to Asbury Ave, 31st St - Bay Ave to West Ave, Simpson/Haven alley - 2900 block, Bay/Simpson alley - 3100 block, Simpson Haven alley - 3200 block, Haven/West alley - 3300 block, West/Asbury alley - 3200 and 3300 blocks, 2900 Block Simpson Haven Alley, 28th Street - Bay Ave to Simpson Ave Spring 2015 Design
4TH STREET LIFE SAVING STATION Rehabilitation of structure Summer 2014 Under Const.
Carey Field Track Replacement Replacement of track and drainage improvements for turf field Spring 2014 Out to Bid
Fire Headquarter Renovations New lockers for fire gear, refurbish kitchen, bedroom lockers Fall 2012 Close Out
Underground Storage Tank Upgrades and Site Remediation at Various Locations Upgrades to fueling stations at 550 Asbury and 1040 Haven Avenue.  Site remediation at 1040 Haven Avenue to  resolve issue with contaminated soils Summer 2013 Close Out
Flooring System for the Ocean City Cultural Arts Center Replacement of floor and some lighting.  Painting of some areas Spring 2013 Close Out
Transportation Center Storm Damage Remediation Transportation Center remediation from 24" of flood water damage.   Spring 2013 Close Out
Installation & Repair of the Airport Runway & Taxiway Lighting & Associated Signage Runway and taxiway lights require replacement Winter 2013 Close Out
City Hall Storm Damage Restoration and Improvements City Hall restoration from 16" of flood water damage as well as other improvements Spring 2013 Under Const.
15th Street Playground Improvements Installation of a rubberized play surface and drainage improvements Spring 2014 Under Const.
Vehicle Maintenance Storm Damage Restoration and Improvements Vehicle Maintenance restoration from 30" of flood water damage as well as other improvements Spring 2015 Design
29th Street Fire House Storm Damage Restoration and Improvements 29th Street Fire House restoration from 28" of flood water damage as well as other improvements to elevate living quarters Spring 2013 Design
Replacement of Library Roof Replacement of the roof at the public library in the 1700 block of Simpson Spring 2014 Design
2013 Music Pier Exterior Painting and Waterproofing Painting of the exterior of the Music Pier Fall 2013 Under Const.
29th Street Playground Improvements Improvements to the 29th Street Playground Spring 2014 0
Construction of New Skateboard Park Construction of a new skateboard park Spring 2014 Design
2014 Music Pier HVAC Improvements Replacement of roof top condensing units for Music Pier AC Spring 2014 Under Const.
SUPPLY AND INSTALLATION OF DOWNTOWN DECORATIVE POLE FOUNDATIONS - PHASE 2 Foundations for decoration supporting poles on Asbury Avenue in the 1100 and 1200 blocks Spring 2014 Under Const.
8th Street/Moorlyn Terrace Parking Lot Improvements 8th Street/Moorlyn Terrace Parking Lot Improvements Fall 2014 Design