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Capital Projects Roads and Drainage

Ocean City will spend $10.4 million on road and drainage projects in 2017 and $40.3 million in total over the next five years.
The city has identified the most flood-prone neighborhoods on the island and is working with outside engineering experts to design comprehensive plans to mitigate flooding across these large drainage basins. Merion Park was completed in December 2014. Work on 26th Street to 34th Street (between West Avenue and Bay Avenue) will be completed in 2017, and 1st Street to 8th Street (between West Avenue and the bay) is in the design phase. Engineers also will study potential solutions to flooding along the bay side between 46th Street and 51st Street, at 35th and 36th streets and in the lagoon community along West 17th Street. More drainage basins will be added as these projects progress.  
At the same time, the city is using a Road Rating System (updated in March 2016) to determine priorities for additional road work across the length of Ocean City. All projects are designed to address utility work, drainage, paving, and amenities for pedestrians/bicyclists at the same time. The city also is exploring the possibility of short-term solutions while major projects continue.
Here are projects currently under construction, in the planning stages and recently completed -- along with a list of roads where utility work will take place.


  • DESCRIPTION: South Jersey Gas has begun to convert the natural gas infrastructure system from lower to higher pressure throughout the city. South Jersey Gas is performing this work to enhance and protect its infrastructure in advance of future significant weather events as part of its Storm Hardening and Reliability Program. Installation of 2”, 4” and 8” yellow plastic natural gas mains will take place along Central and Atlantic Avenues, from East 6th Street to East 9th Street. Work also to cover many north end roads between Battersea Road and 4th Street. All excavations will be restored on a daily basis. A temporary repair will be made in most cases until the final restoration can occur. Openings in concrete may be temporarily patched with asphalt until final restoration with concrete can be scheduled. Openings made in grass in the summer season may not be restored until the fall in order to facilitate grass growth. Final restorations and paving in the area is anticipated to be completed by Spring 2017. All restorations are completed in compliance with local and county regulations. South Jersey Gas or its contractors will be contacting customers to gain access to properties with gas service to complete this work. Crews will work Monday through Thursday, between 8 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. There is also a possibility that work will be performed with city approval during the same timeframe on some Saturdays to accommodate customer appointments.  If residents have questions or would like more information about this project, please contact the South Jersey Gas’ Cape May divisional office at 609-465-2900 and reference the Ocean City Grid 1 Project.
  • SCHEDULE: Fall 2016 to Spring 2017
  • UPDATE: Project managers are now reviewing final paving plans.


  • DESCRIPTION: A two-year Cape May County project will replace the decking of the bridge (constructed in 1964). Thirteen of 31 spans will be completely replaced, and 18 will undergo "hydro-demolition" to blast away the top three inches of concrete. That will be replaced by a high-performance concrete. The $8 million project on the most heavily traveled Cape May County bridge also will include steel and railing repairs, but it will not include the addition of any new pedestrian or bicycle lanes (something that would double costs and delay necessary repairs, according to the county).
  • SCHEDULE: Construction started on Oct. 20, 2016, and traffic was reduced to a single lane with a fixed-time traffic light directing traffic in alternating directions. The single lane will be in place through the first weekend of May 2017. Further delays will be possible through the middle of June, before both lanes of traffic open for the summer. The half of the bridge closest to Ocean City will be completed in the 2016-17 off-season. The other half will be completed in the 2017-18 off-season with the same schedule of single-lane traffic.
  • PROJECT UPDATE: Work is on schedule to be complete by May 4.
    Cape May County Presentation on the Bridge Project.
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  • DESCRIPTION: Work to replace the bridge and inter-lagoon culvert on W. 17th Street. This is a Cape May County project.  At a public meeting in July 2016, county officials shared information about a plan to replace the bridge with a pre-cast concrete structure. The new bridge will include 6-foot-wide shoulders on each side, as well as 6-foot-wide sidewalks. One lane of traffic will remain open at all times during construction and utility service will be uninterrupted. The estimated cost of the project is about $2 million.
  • SCHEDULE: Construction is expected to begin early in 2017.
  • PROJECT UPDATE: Work is underway.
  • DESCRIPTION: Replacing the bulkhead on Tennessee Avenue at Salvador Harbor.
  • SCHEDULE: Winter 2016-17.
  • PROJECT UPDATE: Work ongoing.
  • DESCRIPTION: 12th Street (Haven to West). Project may include some north-end streets and alleys.
  • SCHEDULE: Spring 2017.
  • PROJECT UPDATE: Expected to go out to bid early in 2017.



  • DESCRIPTION: A stormwater pumping station near Sixth Street and Bay Avenue is expected to handle all drainage from 1st Street to 8th Street from Asbury Avenue to the bay. The estimated $8.7 million project will use a $5 million FEMA grant, the largest Ocean City has ever received. Bids are expected to go out late in 2017, and the work is expected to take a year to a year and a half. Read more: North End Pump Station Presentation (Nov. 14, 2015). Also See Q&A on the project.
  • SCHEDULE: Work tentatively scheduled to begin in late 2017
  • PROJECT UPDATE: The project is currently waiting on permits and final designs/cost estimates.
  • DESCRIPTION: Asbury Avenue (1st Street to Battersea), Central Avenue (3rd Street to Battersea), Ocean Avenue (4th Street to North Street), Pennlyn Place (Ocean Ave. to Atlantic Ave.), Stenton Place (Atlantic Ave. to Corinthian Ave.), Corinthian Avenue (North Street to Brighton Place), Park Place (Atlantic Ave. to Boardwalk), Wesley Avenue (1st Street to North Street), 1st Street (Asbury Avenue to Corinthian), North Street (Asbury to Atlantic), 3rd Street (Ocean Ave to Atlantic Ave), St. Charles Place (Atlantic Ave to Boardwalk), Delancey Place (Atlantic Ave to Boardwalk), 4th Street (Atlantic Ave to Boardwalk)..
  • SCHEDULE: Spring 2017.
  • PROJECT UPDATE: Neighbors have been notified.



  • DESCRIPTION: Restriping of West Avenue for bike lanes north of 34th Street.
  • SCHEDULE: Not determined yet.
  • PROJECT UPDATE: City Council needs still to authorize traffic study.
  • DESCRIPTION: Increase outfall capacity for outfalls at 3rd Street, 6th Street, 9th Street, 12th Street, 13th Street and 15th Street. Also includes emergency repair for First Street outfall.
  • SCHEDULE: Spring 2017
  • PROJECT UPDATE: Plans complete and submitted to NJDEP. Waiting on permits (estimated April 2016).



  • DESCRIPTION: Replace check valves at Waterway Road, Municipal Airport, 14th Street and 16th Street.
  • SCHEDULE: Spring 2017
  • PROJECT UPDATE: Walton Place to be added when private bulkhead is repaired and outfall pipe is cleared.


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  • 2016 TRAFFIC SIGNAL IMPROVEMENTS: Traffic lights at 14th Street and Wesley Avenue, and 18th Street and Asbury Avenue.
  • 2016 ROAD IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM: Paving of East Atlantic (Surf Rd. to Gardens Parkway), Holly Tree, Pinnacle, Gull, Gull Haven, East Seaspray (East Atlantic to Waverly), 10th Street and Palen Avenue, 4000 block of West/Asbury alley, 00 block of Central/Wesley alley, 1400 block of Simpson/Haven alley.
  • 2016 ROAD IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM - PHASE 2: Elevation and drainage improvements on 46th Street.
  • 14TH STREET TO 16TH STREET AREA: Project included paving and drainage work of Pleasure Avenue (14th to 16th), 16th Street (bulkhead to West Avenue), 15th Street (bulkhead to Bay Avenue), 14th Street (bulkhead to Bay Avenue), Prospect Avenue, Wovern Place, Bayview Place, the Bayview-14th alley, Bayonne Place, Sunset Place, 1600 block of the Bay-Simpson alley, 1600 block of Haven Avenue and the 1500 block of the Haven-West alley. All roads were designed with pitch to move water into the storm drain system. The project included new drainage pipes capable of handling flow from a 10-year storm. Combined with new and bigger outfall pipes and bulkhead improvements, the entire area should see improved drainage. A Third Ward meeting on this topic was held Feb. 20, 2016. City Council on Feb. 25 approved a $1,577,540 contract with Lexa Concrete of Hammonton to complete the job. (The photo above shows the rusted and clogged condition of existing small-diameter drainage pipes.)
  • LAGOON DRAINAGE REPAIRS: Sink holes in the side yards of numerous homes related to deteriorating drainage pipes -- 47-51 Arkansas, 58-60 Arkansas, 44-46 Waterway, 25-26 Grenada, 1-2 Caroline, 1-2 Kingston.
  • 12TH STREET TO 14TH STREET AREA NEAR BAY: New Jersey American Water project including milling, paving and drainage improvements to the 1200 and 1300 blocks of Pleasure Avenue, 12th Street and 13th Street (from Pleasure to Bay Avenue) and the Pleasure/Bay alley.

  • 11TH STREET AND WEST 17TH STREET BULKHEAD IMPROVEMENTS: Work Replacement of 11th Street bulkhead, paving of 11th Street west of Bay Avenue and installation of larger drainage pipe on 11th Street; West 17th Street bulkhead; drainage on north side of 10th Street between Wesley and Ocean; Glenwood Drive gutter around cul-de-sac; 7th and Asbury/Central ADA ramp on north side of street.

  • COUNTY DRAINAGE IMPROVEMENTS: Replacement of drainage pipe on the west side of 55th Street and inlets at 34th Street and Asbury Avenue.

  • Spring 2016 Alley Improvements: 100 Block of Wesley/Ocean alley, 300 block of Asbury/Central alley, 1000 block of West/Asbury alley, 5400 block of Asbury/Central alley, 5500 block of Asbury/Central alley and 800 block of Wesley/Ocean alley. Work was completed in March 2016.
  • Merion Park Drainage Project: Comprehensive road and drainage project including the reconfiguration and replacement of storm drain system, installation of three pumping stations and repaving of roads.
  • Bay Avenue: 6th Street to 18th Street. Work completed by Cape May County.
  • Gardens Roadwork: Paving of West Station Road, Sindia, Haven Avenue, North Street, Warwick Road, First Street, Haven/West alley, Simpson/Haven alley and bioswale at North Street and West Avenue. By installing the bioswale, the City now has a demonstration of how a bioswale can help treat stormwater in the community. The bioswale offers a home to some wildlife species, especially birds, and native vegetation is used to help treat the stormwater that is collected in the bioswale.
  • Gardens Roadwork II: West Atlantic Boulevard, Bridge Boulevard, Crescent Road, West Surf Road, Inlet Road (Battersea to West Surf Road), Landing Road, East Inlet and East Surf Road.
  • Downtown Paving: At 7th Street, 8th Street, 800 block of West Avenue, Pennlyn Place and 11th Street
  • South End Asbury Avenue: Paving of Asbury (42nd to 45th), 45th Street (West to Central), 44th Street (meadows to Central), 43rd Street (meadows to Central), 4600 block of the Asbury/Central alley.
  • West Avenue Restriping: County project to create buffered bicyle lanes south of 34th Street.
  • Bulkhead Improvements: 16th Street, Battersea Road, Cove Walk, Walton Place, North Street, 12th Street, 2nd Street Marina, 7th Street and Landing Road.
  • Tennessee Avenue Bulkhead and Second Street Docks: Bulkhead improvements to mitigate flooding.
  • 10th Street Bulkhead Improvements: Replacement of bulkhead and fishing pier.
  • Fall 2013 Roads 3: Stenton Place, Pelham Place, Arkansas Avenue, Simpson Avenue (1100 block east side), 12th Street (Bay to Simpson, south side).
  • Fall 2013 Roads 1: Asbury Avenue (39th to 42nd), 42nd Street (West to Central), 41st Street (with drainage from Central to meadows);,40th Street (with drainage from Central to meadows), 39th Street (West to Central), 56th Street (Central to beach), 52nd Street (Central to beach), West/Asbury alley (8th to 9th).


  • West Atlantic Boulevard (between Bridge Boulevard and Gardens Parkway): Improvements complete.
  • 4500 Block Sanitary Line: Installation of a sanitary sewer line to service structures on the west side of the 4500 block of West Avenue. .
  • Sewer and Water Improvements I: 9th Street (Ocean to Atlantic), Ocean Avenue (Ocean Colony to Moorlyn), West 17th Street (bridge to flag pole), Wesley Avenue (28th to 22nd), 28th Street (Asbury to Wesley), 27th Street (Asbury to Wesley), 26th Street (Asbury to Wesley), 25th Street (Central to Wesley), 24th Street (Central to Wesley), 33rd Street (Bay to Asbury), 32nd Street (Bay to Asbury), Simpson Avenue (31st to 34th), Haven Avenue (31st to 34th), Haven/West alley (3300 and 3400 blocks), Asbury/Central alley (2500, 2400 and 0000 blocks), 1st Street (Ocean to Atlantic), St. James Place (Corinthian to Boardwalk), 1st Street (Corinthian to Boardwalk).
  • Gas Main Improvements I: Wesley Avenue (1500 block), West Avenue (3100 block), 4th Street (700 block), St. James Place (900 block), Asbury Avenue (5100 block).
  • Sewer and Water Improvements II: 12th Street (Pleasure to West), Pleasure (12th to 15th), Pleasure/Bay alley (1200 and 1300 blocks), Marine Place, 13th Street (Bay Avenue to Pleasure).
  • Gas Main Improvements II: Asbury Road (Battersea to North), Central Avenue (Battersea to 2nd), Wesley Road (1st to North), Ocean Avenue (North to 4th), Atlantic Avenue (Nassau Walk to 5th), Corinthian (North to Brighton), 4th Street (800-900 block), Park Place (800-900 block), 3rd Street (700 block), Delancey Place (800-900 block), Pennlyn Place (700-900 block), 2nd Street (500-700 block), St. Charles Place (800-900 block), 1st Street (Asbury to beach), St. James (900 block), Stenton Place (800-900 block), Battersea Road (Wesley to Atlantic), Asbury Avenue (21st to 29th), West Avenue (11th to 16th), 24th Street (300 block).