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The full length of the Ocean City Boardwalk reopened on Wednesday, Feb. 15. Pedestrians, runners and bicyclists are no longer being detoured. A wide stretch of completed decking is now in place along the storefronts in a project area between Eighth Street and 10th Street. Work to rebuild steps and ramps, and to construct five new boardwalk pavilions continues. The project remains on schedule to be fully complete by the end of March.  Sign up for project update alerts by email.
  • When: Work began immediately after Columbus Day. A section leading to the Ocean City Music Pier from Eighth Street was completed by Dec. 31, 2016. The entire project will be done by the end of March 2017.
  • Where: Ocean City Boardwalk between the north side of Eighth Street and the north side of 10th Street (Eighth Street access will be closed, and 10th Street access will remain open.
  • Detour: Pedestrians and cyclists will be detoured off the boardwalk at Plymouth Place (to Atlantic Avenue, to Ninth Street, to Ocean Avenue) and back on at 10th Street. The detour will add about 0.38 miles to a trip the length of the boardwalk (from 2.45 miles to 2.83 miles).
  • Who: Fred M. Schiavone Construction is the contractor.
  • What: Complete replacement of the boardwalk decking and substructure. This is the fourth phase of a multiyear project to rebuild the boardwalk between Fifth Street and 12th Street.
  • Why: Deteriorating condition of the concrete substructure and regular maintenance of boardwalk decking.
  • How: Sections of decking are constructed off-site and lowered into place by a crane. This method proved successful and efficient in the first three phases of the project.The decking is made from southern yellow pine with a thickness of 3 inches, about twice that of traditional boardwalk planks.
  • How much: The contract cost for this phase is about $3 million.
  • What's next: The project work runs only in the off-season and began at Fifth Street in fall 2013. It will continue from Eighth Street to 10th Street (2016-17), 10th Street to 12th Street (2017-18), and boardwalk ramps between Eighth Street and 12th Street (2018-19). 



Five new pavilions on the ocean side of the boardwalk at Plaza Place, Plymouth Place, near 9th Street and one on either side of 10th Street have been permitted and are being constructed during the current phase of boardwalk reconstruction in the off-season of 2016-17. See map of proposed sites.



An ADA ramp providing access to the boardwalk at 19th Street is in the design stage (19th Street is the only boardwalk entrance accessible from the street only by stairs). This project began in January 2017. A request to widen the 14th Street boardwalk ramp to provide easier access for vehicles with floats is also expected to begin in spring 2017.