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Atlantic City Electric 2019 Upgrades


Atlantic City Electric will improve reliability in Ocean City by installing special equipment to reduce the number of customers affected by power outages.

Reclosers will be installed for areas serving every 500 customers or fewer, so when an outage occurs outside of a substation area, fewer homes and businesses will be impacted. Instead of having a couple of thousand customers without power because of a pole accident, for instance, 500 or fewer customers will be affected until repairs are made.
Installation of these reclosers will require service interruptions this winter as crews replace existing poles, transformers and wire. Contractors will notify customers before these outages occur. The work also will require road closings and detours around the blocks where work is taking place.
For the week of Jan. 21 through Jan. 25, the tentative schedule (weather permitting) of service interruptions will be as follows:
  • Monday: 5th  St. & Atlantic Ave.                     
  • Tuesday AM:  5th St. & Atlantic Ave.    
  • Tuesday PM: 6th St. & Asbury Ave.
  • Wed: 6th St. & Asbury Ave.
  • Thursday: On West Ave. between 11th & 12th Streets
  • Friday: On 14th St. Between West & Simpson Avenues